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Compiled by Mrs Trang Anh
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1. In a four-hour operation, surgeons managed to sew the girl’s………hand back on.
A. cut
B. grazed
C. crushed
D. severed
2. ……recent times, the discipline of biology has expanded rapidly into a variety of subdisciplines.
A. It is since
B. when
C. since it is
D. In
3. The incidence of anorexia nervosa,…………., is growing in industrially advanced societies.
A. is an eating disorder
C. an eating disorder which
B. an eating disorder
D. for which an eating disorder
4. ………., a brick fell on his head.
A. Turning the corner

C. Having turned the corner
B. When he turned the corner
D. Being turned the corner
5. A main clause is sometimes called a ……..clause.
A. principle
B. principal
C. principality
D. principles
6. He’s a …….and so he always votes for the Labour Party.
A. conservative
B. liberal
C. socialist
D. socialism
7. It is impossible for them to enter the country……..
A. on present
B. in time
C. at present
D. on time
8. Police had to break the meeting……
A. out
B. in
C. off
D. up
9. Einstein gradually became…….in the discussion.
A. absorb
B. absorbed
C. to absorb
D. absorbing
10. No educational system is perfect. Each one has its……..
A. borders
B. limitations
C. frontiers
D. limits
11. we intend to ………..with the old system as soon as we have developed a better one.
A. do up
B. do away
C. do down
D. do in
12. when she heard the news, she………into tears.
A. broke

B. went
C. exploded
D. felt
13. Last night, I went to the movies and saw the most beautiful love story. I guess I have a ……for
romantic movies.
A. sickness
B. illness
C. weakness
D. feebleness
14. I really had to………some strings to get reservations at this restaurant.
A. push
B. pull
C. throw
D. get
15. overexposure to the sun can produce……..some toxic chemicals.
A. more than damage to the skin
C. more damage than to the skin
B. damage more than to the skin
D. more damage to the skin than
16. Each athletes has to take part in the Olympic Games in the true spirit of…..
A. sportsman
B. sportmanlike
C. sportsmanship
D. sports
17. Electricity and gas supplies have been seriously………by the floods.
A. alerted
B. disrupted
C. destroyed
D. erupted
18. The old fishing village is very……..
A. picture
B. picturesquely
C. picturesque D. picturedrome
19. Please find a(an) ……copy of the letter I received from the college.
A. included
B. contained
C. enclosed
D. covered
20. She’s alive! She……….but that handsome young man dived and saved her just in time.

A. is drowning
B. had been drowning C. being drowning
D. was drowning
21. There were 6000 visitors in all. That was the……
A. all
B. result
C. whole
D. total
22. Columbus gazed at the land that he….so far to seek.
A. had come
B. had been coming C. has come
D. has been coming
23. These figures show a………in the number of unemployed people in England and Wales
A. loss
B. lessening
C. reduction
D. lowering
24. He spent all his money through………
A. thrifty
B. shame
C. husbandry
D. extravagance
25. It’s time you…….your way of living.
A. meditated
B. surrendered
C. reflected
D. amended
26. The number of students coming to school increased last year
A. shot up
B. shot in
C. shot on
D. shot off
27. If business doesn’t get better, we will need a loan from the bank.
A. pick at
B. pick up
C. pick out
D. pick off
28. They quarrelled …….the choice of a house.
A. on
B. over
C. for
D. to
29. I thought you said she was going away this summer, ……..?
A. didn’t I
B. didn’t you
C. wasn’t she
D. wasn’t it
30. Whole – grain food products…….in most large supermarkets across the United States and
A. now can purchase
B. can now be purchased
C. now to purchase
D. the purchase of which
31. Under no circumstances, ………or exchanged.
A. goods will be returned
C. goods should be returned
B. can goods be returned
D. are goods being returned
32. Rice is a ……..which is exported to other countries.
A. consequence
B. commodity
C. pension
D. category
33. It is high time we got going, …..?
A. is not it
B. didn’t
C. aren’t we
D. isn’t it
34. The hotel room was ……furnished with only a bed, a wardrobe and an ancient armchair.
A. thinly
B. sparsely
C. lightly
D. sketchily
35. I’ve had my car examined three times now but no mechanic has been able to…..the problem.
A. pinpoint
B. focus
C. specify
D. highlight
36. Don’t thank me for helping in the garden. It was…pleasure to be working out of doors.
A. plain
B. mere
C. single
D. sheer
37. The police appeared and…….the crowd
A. disrupted
B. disturbed
C. distracted
D. dispersed
38. My sister was a very……woman, one day she would be happy, the next miserable.
A. uncontrollable
B. uneven
C. temperamental
D. dispirited
39. The music aroused an……..feeling of homesickness in me.
A. intense
B. intentional
C. intensive
D. intended
40. What are the main…….of measles?
A. traces
B. symptoms
C. emblems
D. tokens
41. That country was brought……..to disaster.
A. closer
B. more closely
C. more closedly
D. closelier
42. They said “…………while the iron is hot”
A. strike
B. beat
C. hit
D. pound
43. He ………in drug across the border when the police caught him last Sunday.
A. Was trafficked
B. was trafficking
C. had been trafficking
D. trafficked
44. He used to rise……..dawn until he was old.
A. On
B. in
C. at
D. into
45. She often takes a………before going to bed.
A. Creep
B. crawl
C. stride
D. stroll

46. I ……some unusual educational beliefs.
A. keep
B. carry
C. hold
D. take
47. She has had a…………of disasters.
A. success
B. continuation
C. repetition
D. succession
48. I liked the dress but was rather……off by the price.
A. shaken
B. put
C. set
D. held
49. His …….of the teacher made all of us laugh a lot.
A. image
B. copy
C. mimic
D. imitation
50. You had agreed to take part in our anti-war march, why did you cop out?
A. die
B. retreat
C. act rashly
D. attend
51. How long did the ………of the murderer last?
A. process
B. trial
C. charge
D. conviction
52. Malaria, which can be fatal if lest untreated, is transmitted by the female, ….by the male mosquito
A. not
B. however
C. despite
D. instead
53. How did you……this document?
A. come into
B. come by
C. come to
D. come at
54. It’s a foregone…………that Jim will be top of the class again.
A. concept
B. conclusion
C. proposal
D. prediction
55. I like to wear a beautiful ………..of pearls round my neck.
A. string
B. ring
C. band
D. bracelet
56. When he came ……., he found himself in the bed.
A. round
B. off
C. over
D. out
57. This is my business and you have no right to……..
A. intervene
B. interfere
C. interrupt
D. disturb
58. The taxi………up by the kerb.
A. turned
B. stopped
C. came
D. drew
59. The wheels ……….as the car went over an icy patch.
A. skipped
B. skidded
C. slid
D. slipped
60. Do you mind….that everyone has got a ticket?
A. controlling
B. checking
C. assuring
D. knowing
61. My teacher was very conscious…….his bald head.
A. of
B. with
C. about
D. for
62. The offer of a place at a good university is not to be ……at.
A. coughed
B. sneezed
C. laughed
D. rejected
63. The official reported on the accident was a…..of lies.
A. pack
B. bundle
C. heap
D. bunch
64. Unless you …….to the rules, we’ll have to ask you to leave.
A. obey
B. stand
C. do
D. conform
65. If you want to find these titles, look them up in the……….
A. reference
B. index
C. catalogue
D. directory
66. She doesn’t believe what he says. She has ……..about him.
A. hopes
B. doubts
C. odds
D. chances
67. The soldiers received commands from…….one-eyed general.
A. a
B. an
C. very
D. no word is needed
68. He was…………..with an extraordinary musical ability.
A. ensured
B. entrusted
C. entreated
D. endowed
69. I could ……a note of panic in his voice.
A. desist
B. detest
C. detect
D. deter
70. It is……..impossible to tell the twins apart.
A. realistically
B. virtually
C. closely
D. extremely
71. Thousands of people use the ……of footpaths across these hills.
A. grid
B. network
C. circuit
D. channel
72. A newspaper’s opinions are given in its………
A. cartoons
B. editorial
C. reports
D. titles

73. Mr Brown is not a serious investor, but he likes to……..in the stock market.
A. splash
B. splatter
C. paddle
D. dabble
74. The terrorists who hijacked the plane last night are still holding ten ….
A. casualties
B. hostages
C. pedestrians
D. victims
75. He looks like a different person __________stage.
A. above
B. to
C. with
D. on
76. He made his______as a teen singer in 2015.
A. contest
B. fan
C. debut
D. home
77. Justin Bieber is a______. Everyone adores his voice.
A. career
C. judge
D. phenomenon
78. The judge__________appreciated her performance but the audience didn’t like it very much.
A. channel
B. canal
C. concert
D. panel
79. How long? by Charlie Puth is a___________hit.
A. smart
B. smell
C. smash
D. smoke
80. In the past, it was misunderstand that inner body parts were ............ by the fine needles in
practicing acupuncture.
A. touch
C. touched
D. rushed
81. The ............... system controls the movement and emotion of our body.
A. nerve
C. circulate
D. generous
82. The heart and blood vessels are parts of the .................. system.
C. circulatory
D. circumstance
83. The system that lets us take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide is called ................... system
A. respiratory
C. circulatory
84. The system that works as the control panel of the body in the .................. system
A. skeletal
C. nervous
85. After graduating from university, I want to ____ my father's footsteps.
A. follow in

B. succeed in

C. go after

D. keep up

86. Anna often dresses ____ when going to the parties in order to attract her friends' attention.
A. plainly

B. properly

C. flashily

D. soberly

87. Since the family law was implemented, domestic violence has been a rare ____ in this area.
A. happen

B. taking place

C. occurrence

D. happenstance

88. I don't know what to say to break the ____ with someone I've just met at the party.
A. air

B. ice

C. leg

D. rule

89. Their close friendship ____ a romantic relationship.
A. brings about

B. puts up

C. takes over

D. turns into

90. All the three boys seem to fall ____ over heels in love with her.
A. head

B. heart

C. mind

D. soul

91. Parents are always willing to lend a sympathetic ____ to their children when they have problems.
A. hand

B. ear

C. eye

D. paw

92. I have a ____ on a classmate who is very near and dear to me.
A. crush

B. desire

C. flame

D. passion

93. Jane arranged for me to go on a/an ____ date with a guy from her office.
A. blind

B. group

C. online

D. speed

94. ____ dating involves couples going out together. It gives you the chance to see how your date
interacts with other people.

A. Blind

B. Group

C. Online

D. Speed

95. If you are lucky, it will be love at first ____.
A. look

B. see

C. sight

D. site

96. When you start dating somebody regularly, we say that you are ____ somebody.
A. knowing

B. looking

C. seeing

D. viewing

97. His youngest daughter was the ____ of his eye.
A. apple

B. honey

C. sweet

D. strawberry

98. The director informed that no candidates ____ all the criteria for the administrative position.
A. completed

B. fulfilled

C. achieved

D. suited

99. ____ time-management skill is a core requirement for this job.
A. Solving

B. Adapting

C. Developing

D. Mastering

100. I was encouraged to ____ for the grandest prize in the dancing competition.
A. try

B. strive

C. reach

D. achieve

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