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(chắc - cà - đao)
Hoa Phu 2 hamlet, An Chau town, Chau Thanh district, An Giang province

Dear Benefactors,
I am the priest Joseph Hoang Ngoc Minh, who is in charge of Hoa Phu church point, Long Xuyen Diocese,
would like to send our benefactors a blessing in kito Christ and Mother Mary
The Hoa Phu Church currently has over 1600 parishioners. Previously, every Sunday, I went to the church
point to borrowing people's houses to celebrate Sunday Mass to about 50 elderly people and children
who could not go far. By 2006 A small chapel was built on an empty land, accommodating about 200
people attending the Sunday Mass.The parishioners here aspire to have a church to worship God. But
because of the living conditions of the parishioners here, the most are poor people, laborers work day by
day, so their ability to contribute is very limited. At the moment, the church point needs a lot of
expenditure to build the church for the future.
Budget estimate :
Land / 10.000m2 x 80.000.000d/1000m2 = 800.000.000 VND
Sand leveling background/ 100.000d/m3 x 2 x 5000m2 = VND
Fence + gate + Bell tower + Statue / VND
prefabricated church/ VND
Total: 5.800.000.000 VND

Now, I would like to write this open letter, hoping that benefactors will help church point Hoa Phu ( Chắc
- Cà - Đao). I and the whole Hoa Phu Catholic Church point are extremely grateful and always pray for the
benefactors on every first Sunday of the month. On behalf of the Catholic Church Point Hoa Phu wishes
the benefactors good health and peace. God bless the good intentions of the benefactors.

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