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Laboratory spawning and juvenile rearing of th

Nilnaj Chaitanawisuti, Anutr Kritsanapuntu, 1997. Laboratory spawning and
juvenile rearing of the marine gastropod: Spotted Babylon, Babylonia areolata Link
1807 (Neogastropoda: Buccinidae), in Thailand. Oceanographic Literature Review.

Laboratory spawning and juvenile rearing of the marine gastropod, Babylonia
areolata L., is described. Adults were collected from wild stock in the inner eastern
Gulf of Thailand. B. areolata laid individual, moderately transparent, vasiform egg
capsules and firmly attached them to the sand substratum by a long narrow stalk.
The egg capsules average 21.43 mm long and 9.57 mm wide. Each adult female
spawned 47 capsules with 851 eggs per capsule. Average eggs were 425.70 μm in
diameter. Embryonic development occurred inside the egg capsules for 7 days. On
Day 8, larvae (720.40 μm) hatched through the apical opening of the egg capsule
into water. Metamorphosis from the free swimming planktotrophic larvae to
benthic juveniles took 18 days. Newly settled juveniles were 1.52 and 1.16 mm in
shell length and width, respectively. The monthly average growth increments of
juveniles were 4.26 per month in length and 2.28 g/mo in weight. Average survival
rate was 94.08%.

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