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Growth and production babylonia areolata cultu

Chaitanawisuti, N., & Kritsanapuntu, A. (2000). Growth and production of
hatchery‐reared juvenile spotted babylon Babylonia areolata Link 1807 cultured to
marketable size in intensive flowthrough and semi‐closed recirculating water
systems. Aquaculture Research, 31(5), 415-419.

Hatchery-reared juvenile spotted babylon Babylonia areolata (mean initial shell
length 12.8 mm) were cultured intensively to marketable size in three 3.0 × 2.5 ×
0.7 m indoor canvas rectangular tanks. The duplicate treatments of flowthrough and
semi-closed recirculating sea-water systems were compared at an initial stocking
density of 300 individuals m−2 (2250 juveniles per tank). The animals were fed ad
libitum with fresh carangid fish Selaroides leptolepis once daily. During 240
culture days, average growth rates in shell length and body weight were 3.86 mm
month−1 and 1.47 g month−1 for the flowthrough system and 3.21 mm month−1
and 1.10 g month−1 for those in the semi-closed recirculating system. Survival in
the flowthrough system (95.77%) was significantly higher than that in the semiclosed recirculating system (79.28%). Feed conversion ratios were 1.68 and 1.96
for flowthrough and semi-closed recirculating systems respectively.

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