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Effects of water depth and water flow duration

Chaitanawisuti, N., Kritsanapuntu, S., & Santaweesuk, W. (2010). Effects of water
depth and water flow duration on growth and survival of juvenile spotted babylon
(Babylonia areolata) cultured in a flow-through system. Journal of applied
aquaculture, 22(1), 11-17.

Eight growth trials of juvenile B. areolata at different water depths (20 and 50 cm)
and water flow durations (6, 12, 18, and 24 h) were conducted in a flow-through
culture system over 5 months. One-way ANOVA performed on each growth data
set showed that there were significant differences among water depth (WD) and
water flow duration (WFD) treatments (P < 0.05). The highest weight gain (6.29 g
/snail) was found in snails reared in the treatment of WD50 /WFD24, followed by
those from WD50 /WFD18 (6.15 g/snail), WD50/WFD12 (5.90 g/snail), WD50
/WFD6 (5.83 g/snail), WD20 /WFD24 (5.86 g/snail), and WD20 /WFD18 (5.87 g
/snail), while the lowest one was found in WD20 /WFD6 (5.52 g/snail) and WD20
/WFD12 (5.57 g/snail). The relative weight gain (RWG) and individual weight gain
(IWG) of the snails showed similar trends as the weight gain. Final survival
exceeded 95% for all treatments. Based on all criteria, the best growth
performances of juvenile spotted babylon were found in the WD50 /WFD18 and
WD50 /WFD24 treatments, followed by the treatments of WD50/WFD12, WD50
/WFD6, WD20 /WFD24, and WD20 /WFD18; the lowest growth was found in

WD20 /WFD6 and WD20 /WFD12.

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