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Viết về ước mơ của bạn My dream job

My dream job
My dream is being a lawyer. It is the meaningful job to me for some reasons.
First of all, I want to help others and a lawyer’s job is to help others claim justice. As well, lawyer get
to interact with others and work in an office, which are things I hope to have in my job.
Besides, since I was a child, I was good at debate then when I saw North Country, a film about
American Justice, it was the first time I interested with lawyer. Bryan Stevenson is an American
lawyer, social justice activist, who inspires me being a lawyer. I really respect for his challenged bias
against the poor and minorities in the criminal justice system, especially children. He has helped
achieve court decisions that prohibit sentencing children under 18 to death, or to life imprisonment
without parole.
Now, I am studying law in university so I understand how hard to be a good lawyer. Lawyers needn’t
to remember all article of law but they have to be quick-thinking so that they can settle a criminal
case. They also need to be patient and active to look for clues because they need to help clients
protect their rights as well as the justice. Then, a lawyer need to be a hard-working because they
always have to study law documents day-to-day. Although, all difficulty, lawyer is a value job not only
respectability but also high salary.
I’m try my best everyday to get my dream, to be a respected lawyer.

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