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Export documentation executive recruiting

Export Documentation Executive Recruiting
Job description:
• Receive shipping instruction from clients
• Make bill of lading & get confirmation from clients regarding the bill
• Send documents for agents right after finish document at Vietnam side
• Request transhipment report from agents to update for clients about their cargo status
• Continue to follow & update for clients until cargo delivered to consignee
• Get invoice from shipping line, check & tranfer for Acc. dept. settle payment to get
telex release in 7 days from vessel depart
• Make Profit Statement, transfer for Acc. dept. to make invoice for clients & agents
• College/ University with Foreign Trade, Economic degree or relevant.
• 1 - 4 years’experience in Logistics/ Supply Chain/ Import – Export Industry.
• Highly self-motivated, self-confident
• Adequate computer skills - MS Office
• English communication is required
• Good communication skill, customer focused, achievement driven, teamwork and able
to work under pressure.
Other information:
- Ages: 23 – 30
- Colleague: Professional working environment

- Compensation:  Attractive Salary & Benefits
 Premium health care insurance package

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