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Woman arrested for brokering illegal work in japan

Woman arrested for brokering
illegal work in Japan
Thanh Hoa police Friday arrested a woman and 3
accomplices suspected of taking 13 Vietnamese workers to
Japan illegally.
They suspect she was acting as a broker and organizing illegal work
for Vietnamese workers in Japan.
A raid of her house the same day netted dozens of passports and
visas that were confiscated by the police.
Between July 2017 and October 2018, Huong, 37, had arranged for
13 people from Thanh Hoa and Nghe An provinces to go to Japan
and working there illegally, police said.
Police have also arrested Pham Tuan Anh and Ngo Hong Son in
connection with the same case. Tuan Anh’s wife Nhu Thi Nhan,
another suspect, has been placed under house arrest because she is
raising their children.
Huong founded a company called Bright Prosperity Vietnam Co., Ltd.
(VPROS CO., LTD) with its head office in Cau Giay District, Hanoi,
back in 2015.
She colluded with Anh and Nhan who are from Thanh Hoa Province,
and Son of Nghe An Province, advise and help those who wanted to

study and work in Japan, but under a tourist visa. Once the workers
arrived in Japan, Huong and her accomplices would help them stay
and work there illegally.
The case is being investigated further.

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