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Key bai tap bo tro tieng anh 1 listening exercises


Part 1. Picture description




(A) The man is taking the car for a

A) The women are shopping for

(A) Traffic is building up on the

(B) The man is opening the hood of
the car.

(B) The people are applauding the

(C) The man is working on the

(C) The two women are standing in
line to buy concert tickets.

(D) The man is taking his car in to a

(D) The musicians are performing

(B) There are more lorries on this
motorway than cars.
(C) Traffic is flowing freely on the
(D) The vehicles are travelling too close
to one another on the motorway.

Part 2. Question and responses

2. A

1. A



3. A




1. What time does the staff

2). Did they discuss the new

meeting start?

marketing plan?

(A) In the conference room.

(A) No, they didn't.

(B) At 3, I believe.

(B) The old plan is fine.

3). Why is the office so hot today?
(A) Yes, it's hot in here.
(B) I think the thermostat is

(C) Sorry, I can't make it.

(C) There's a market on the corner.

(C) We need to turn up the heat.

Part 3. Short conversation
Questions 1 through 3 refer to the following conversation.
1). Where is the conversation taking place?
A. In a church

C. In a classroom

B. In an office

D. In a park

2). What problem does the woman have?
A. She will be late for work.

C. She is struggling with her presentation.

B. She cannot make the meeting.

D. She worked late yesterday.

3). What does the man offer?
A. To help

C. To get coffee

B. To write her report

D. To make copies

- Hi Selynn. What are you working on?
- Oh hi Peter. I'm trying to finish my presentation for tomorrow's meeting. I'm way behind.
- I worked late yesterday finishing mine. Is there anything I can do to help you?
- Thanks, but not right now. I'll let you know if I need anything later.

Part 4
Questions 1 through 3 refer to the following talk.
1). Who is most likely listening to the report?
A. Subway passengers

C. Business executives

B. Vehicle drivers

D. Housewives

2). What does the speaker say about traffic?
A. It is flowing smoothly everywhere.

C. It is slow only on east-west roads.

B. It is clear on Interstate 7.

D. It is moving slowly everywhere.

3). What is scheduled to happen at 5:30 p.m.?
A. Clear roads

C. A new traffic update

B. Main Street accident

D. A baseball game

This is Betty Bellarussa with your 5 p.m. WARP-AM traffic report. Well, if you're on the roads listening to
this, you already know that traffic is pretty much a mess everywhere. On Interstate 7, it crawls from
downtown to the county line. Vehicles crossing the lake on State Route 50 are gridlocked both eastbound
and westbound, and the valley freeway is stop-and-go from Mayberry through Winwood. Highway 17 is
slow through the city, then clears out until Overpass Road. If that weren't bad enough, an injury accident is
blocking Main Street downtown, causing a 15-minute backup for cars waiting to get onto the freeway. This
has been Betty Bellarussa with your 5 p.m. WARP-AM traffic update. Our next traffic report will be at the
bottom of the hour.

Unit 2

Part 1. Picture description




(A) The man nearest the camera

(A) Both players are touching

(A) The man is wearing a white

is holding a ball.

the ball.


(B) The beach is covered with

(B) You can see two men behind

(B) The dog is wagging its tail.


the net.

(C) The man in red has jumped

(C) You can see one man through

into the air.

the net.

(D) The man on the left is lying

(D) The net has a blue frame.


(C) The man is reading a
(D) The man is sitting on a blue

Part 2. Question and responses

1. A

2. A



3. A




1. When will the shipment arrive?

2). I heard that Sally was laid off.

(A) It left Japan yesterday.

(A) Just lay it on the desk, please.

(B) There's no rush.

(B) Please turn on the fan.

(C) At noon tomorrow.

(C) Really? That's too bad.

3). Didn't you used to work for
Mega Firm?
(A) Yes, I did.
(B) No thank you.
(C) I love to work.

Part 3. Short conversation
Questions 1 through 3 refer to the following conversation.
1). What does the man plan to do?
A. Have a party

C. Take a vacation

B. Buy office supplies

D. Ask the woman out

2). Why does the man call the woman?
A. To inquire about prices

C. To invite her to a party

B. To sell her food

D. To order food and drinks

3). Where will the party be held?
A. In a city park

C. On the beach

B. At the man's company

D. In a theater

- Hello, Crusty Catering. How may I help you today?
- Yes, I'm with the Colbert Corporation. We're having a company party next Friday, and I need
to arrange for all the food and drinks.
- OK. How many people do you expect to entertain? And will it be an indoor or outdoor affair?
- About 100 employees will be there. And we'll hold it indoors in one of our large conference

Part 4
Questions 1 through 3 refer to the following talk.
1). Who is the message for?
A. Tanya Smith

C. Karl Klaussen

B. Premium Insurance Company

D. Toyaki Turbo

2). What is the main purpose of the message?
A. To issue a reminder

C. To make an appointment

B. To provide information

D. To note phone numbers

3). What is the speaker offering?
A. Home insurance

C. A job interview

B. A new car

D. Car insurance

Hello, this message is for Tayna Smith. Tayna, my name is Karl Klaussen with Premium
Insurance Company. You had asked me to give you a quotation for your 2007 Toyaki Turbo
coupe. I've processed your information, and we could insure this vehicle for $600 a year. That's
$50 a month, and you have the choice of paying monthly or in advance. This price includes
discounts for having a good driving record, and for also having your homeowner's insurance
with us as well as your auto insurance. It includes comprehensive coverage, uninsured motorist
protection, and up to $50,000 liability. We could begin coverage at the first of next month. If
you have more questions I'd be happy to answer them. You can reach me at 590-095-6446 or
on my cell at 342-768-0120. Thank you for considering Premium Insurance.

Unit 3

Part 1. Picture description




(A) The two men seem to be

(A) The architecture is typically western.

(A) The girl is wearing a watch.

(B) You can see the moon clearly.

(B) The person in the picture is

angry with each other.
(B) Both cars are light blue.
(C) One of the vehicles is a pickup truck.

(C) Fireworks have been let off.
(D) All the buildings are in the dark.

not looking at the camera.
(C) The elevator is crowded with

(D) You can see that one of the

(D) The elevator has stopped on the

cars has a flat tyre.

fifth floor.

Part 2. Question and responses
2. A

1. A



3. A




1. What color of carpet do you like?

2). How long have you been with the firm?

(A) I like the dark blue.

(A) I've been in software all my life.

(B) My car is green.

(B) For almost 20 years.

3). Who will be giving the
presentation for us?
(A) I love presents.

(C) I don't have a pet.

(C) In December 1985.

(B) Ms. McGuire.
(C) At 8 o'clock.

Part 3. Short conversation
Questions 1 through 3 refer to the following conversation.
1). What are the speakers talking about?
The man's job

The woman's business

The man's salary

The woman's clients

2). How many clients does the woman have?
A. Two

C. Four

B. Three

D. Five

3). What does the woman say about self employment?
A. She loves it

C. She can sleep until noon

B. She has mixed feelings

D. She cannot set her own hours

- Hey, Cindy. How are you doing with your new business?
- Hey, Greg. It's going well. I signed up two new clients last week, and now I have five total.
- Wow, five already. That's great! How do you like being self-employed?
- Oh it's wonderful. I can work from home, and even from the coffee shop. And I can set my own
hours. I did a conference call last week while I was wearing my night gown and bathrobe.

Part 4
Questions 1 through 3 refer to the following talk.
1). What is the main purpose of the announcement?
A. To detail ticket-price information

C. To welcome new rail passengers

B. To explain about boarding passes

D. To guide people to the correct door

2). What should listeners do once they have tickets?
A. Trade them for boarding passes

C. Go the yellow booth next to door 19

B. Check in all their bags and luggage

D. Board the train through door 9

3). What is scheduled to happen at 9:15?
A. The train will depart

C. Boarding will begin

B. Tickets go on sale

D. The train will arrive

Good morning, rail passengers. For those of you taking the 9:45 Starlight Special to Amityville, you
will need to exchange your ticket for a boarding pass before you board the train. Boarding passes
are available now at the purple booth next to door 9. If you need to buy tickets, come to one of the
ticket windows on the east side of the station, or use one of our automated ticket machines located
throughout the lobby. Once you have your tickets, each passenger must exchange them for a
boarding pass, including young children. When you have obtained your boarding pass, you are
ready to access the platform. The train will board through door 9 beginning at approximately 9:15.
Thank you.

Unit 4

Part 1. Picture description



(A) The lady is typing on the

(A) One of the people in the picture is

(A) The man is enjoying his lunch


wearing shorts and sandals.


(B) The woman's desk is covered

(B) There are two dogs in the picture.

(B) There are three chairs in the

with pictures.
(C) There are no pictures on the
(D) The woman has her right hand on
the mouse.

(C) You can see many children



(C) The cafe is busy with people.

(D) The picture is of an outdoor

(D) The sidewalk is full of weeds.

fish market.

Part 2. Question and responses

2. A

1. A



3. A




1. I like your suit

2). Would you like a cup of coffee?

(A) It's brown and white.

(A) Not right now.

(B) My pleasure.

(B) Yes, I do like tea.

(C) Thank you. I got it on sale.

(C) It costs $2.50.

3). Shouldn't Mr. Cobb be here by
(A) He shouldn't have been here
by three.
(B) No, he should. Let's call him.
(C) Yes, he should. Traffic
must be bad.

Part 3. Short conversation
Questions 1 through 3 refer to the following conversation.
1). What does the woman want to do?
A. Pay taxes

C. Find a job

B. Get information

D. Answer questions

2). What position does Mr. Robinson hold?
A. Accountant

C. Lawyer

B. Receptionist

D. Professor

3). What does the man suggest the woman do?
A. Call back later

C. Leave a message

B. Send an e-mail

D. Speak with someone else

- Hello, XYZ Accounting? Could I speak to Craig Robinson please?
- Mr. Robinson's in a meeting right now. Can I put you through to his voice mail?
- No thanks. I'll try back later. I just have a couple of quick questions about deductions for my tax
- Oh, maybe another accountant could help you. I think Gina Bowers could answer your questions.
Yes, she's in. Hold on a second; I'll transfer you.

Part 4
Questions 1 through 3 refer to the following talk.
1). What is being advertised?
A. Dog food

C. A radio show

B. A pet product

D. Property

2). What does the speaker say about Invisifence?
A. It takes a couple of weeks to install.

C. It can be bought at any pet store.

B. It might not work for certain dogs.

D. It is less expensive than a real fence.

3). What is suggested about the speaker?
A. He is trustworthy.

C. He doesn't like cats.

B. He has lots of money.

D. He wears fancy clothes.

Hi, Dori Madson here, host of the KORG-FM afternoon show. My dog, Spot, loves to run. The trouble
is, she was always running out of our yard into the neighbors' yards. Once, she even ran into the
street and nearly got hit by a car! That's when I called my friends at InvisiFence. They came right
over, explained their program, and within a couple of hours had erected an invisible barrier around
our yard that keeps Spot on our property just like a real fence would. Spot can now run happily
around our yard, and me and my family don't have to worry about her running away. She'll go right
to the edge of the yard, but won't go past it. The Invisifence process was smooth, quick, and
surprisingly affordable -- much cheaper than putting a real fence around my yard would have been.
If you're looking for an effective way to keep your dog on your property, call Invisifence now.
They're right here in town, at 789-9876. Or, check them out on the web at invisifence.com. Take it
from me, you'll be glad you did.

Unit 5
Part 1. Picture description



(A) The sky is full of clouds.

(A) The two people drove their cars

(A) Three people are clearing the

to the beach.


(B) You can see a boat on the water.

(B) All the cars are covered in

(B) All the chairs are full of people.
(C) The buildings are huge

(C) The bikes have reflectors on them.

(D) Only one person is standing in the

(D) The beach is full of sunbathers.

(C) The man in the picture is
wearing a red jacket.


(D) You can read all the car
number plates.

Part 2. Question and responses
1. A

2. A



3. A




1. Why don’t you take a short break?
(A) I broke my coffee cup.
(B) That's a good idea!
(C) You've been working too hard.

2). Excuse me, where can I catch the

3). You haven't seen the Jenkins report,

subway going uptown?

have you?

(A) You are in the middle of downtown.

(A) No I haven't.

(B) It leaves at 6:23.

(B) No I have.

(C) At the 23rd Street Station.

(C) Yes I haven't.

Part 3. Short conversation
Questions 1 through 3 refer to the following conversation.
1). What problem does the man have?
A. He is injured.

C. He needs directions.

B. He lost his keys.

D. He is broke.

2). Where does the man want to go?
A. To the museum

C. To the library

B. To 72nd Street

D. To the store

3). What should the man do at 72nd Street?
A. Park his car

C. Go straight

B. Turn right

D. Turn left

- Excuse me. I'm afraid I'm a bit lost. I'm looking for the library.
- The library? Let's see. The best way to get there is to go back to this street in front of the store
and turn left. Go two intersections, then take a right onto 72nd Street.
- A right at 72nd?
- Yes. The next stoplight will be Williams street. Turn left, and you'll see the library a half block
down on the left-hand side.

Part 4
Questions 1 through 3 refer to the following talk.
1). Where is the introduction probably taking place?
A. At a business meeting

C. At a TV game show

B. At a job interview

D. At a dinner party

2). What does the speaker say about Stan Kramer?
A. He is an engineer.

C. He is not married.

B. He has three children.

D. He will win a prize.

3). What will the listeners probably do next?

A. Start booing

C. Ask questions

B. Remain silent

D. Clap their hands

Our next contestant is a 44-year-old lawyer from Rockland, Minnesota, where he specializes in
personal injury claims. He grew up in Bronze Springs, Maryland, and moved with his family to the
Midwest at age 4. After completing law school at Midwest University, he married his high school
sweetheart. He's the father of two boys, 12 and 9, and a 5-year-old girl. If he wins the grand prize
today on our show, he says, "I'm sure going to go someplace better than Disneyland." Ladies and
gentleman, please give a warm "Guess the Price" welcome to Stan Kramer!

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