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VJG sales executive recruitment

Vietnam Japan Gas JSC


A Member of

Career opportunity to challenge your expertise and ambitions when you become our Sales Executive
Vietnam Japan Gas JSC (VJG) is a member of Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation - the leading
manufacturer of industrial gases in Japan and Asia with over one hundred years with business operation in 17
countries and regions worldwide.
Since its commercial operation in 1996, VJG has grown its strength to be one of the leading suppliers in
industrial & medical gases in Vietnam. VJG has 05 Air Separation Plants and various Branches from Northern
to Southern of Vietnam. We are proud of being the best supplier of liquid gases, namely liquid Nitrogen, liquid
Oxygen, etc. and piping works with a high quality engineering...

We are looking for:
Passion in business | willing to take the challenge | desire to develop in the career path
Good looking | smart | patient | enthusiastic | active
Good communication | high customer service mind

What you do:
Perform Sales activities upon Manager’s instruction
Prepare sales documents (i.e. Cost Calculation, Sales proposal, Quotation, Contract…)
Take care existing customers and look for potential customers upon Manager’s assignment
Other duties as requirements from Manager
What you gain:
Opportunity to practice English and Japanese
Get closer to clearly navigated career development plan for the future
Opportunity in hand to be nominated for training courses in Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation
in Japan and South East Asian countries.
Opportunity to strengthen special sales skills and other soft skills for your personal growth,
joining Sales team and sharing knowledge with experienced leading experts.
To be promoted to a higher position
Working Conditions:
Attractive bonuses based on actual company performance.
Working 7 hours/day from 8:00 AM to 16:00 PM (Monday to Friday) and 8:00 AM to 11:45
AM (Saturday morning).
Friendly & dynamic working environment
Join Yearly Company trip and Year-end Party.
For more information: www.vijagas.vn

Please kindly submit your CV in English (including your photo) to: hr_hn@vijagas.vn
Email Subject and CV letter head is as follows: Job Application - SMD Staff - Your Name
For any queries, please contact: hr_hn@vijagas.vn

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