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VJG internship opportunity

Vietnam Japan Gas JSC


A Member of

Internship opportunity to challenge your expertise and ambitions…

Vietnam Japan Gas JSC (VJG) is a member of Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation - the leading
manufacturer of industrial gases in Japan and Asia with over one hundred years with business operation in 17
countries and regions worldwide.
Since its commercial operation in 1996, VJG has grown its strength to be one of the leading suppliers in
industrial & medical gases in Vietnam. VJG has 05 Air Separation Plants and various Branches from Northern
to Southern of Vietnam. We are proud of being the best supplier of liquid gases, namely liquid Nitrogen, liquid
Oxygen, etc. and piping works with a high quality engineering...
We warmly welcome you to our Departments: Accounting, Admin and Human Resouces, Purchasing,
Sales and Marketing, Customer Services, Production, Quality Control…
Are you…
Fast learner | Willing to take the challenge | desire to develop in the career path
Good looking | smart | patient | enthusiastic | active | self-motivated
Interpersonal actively listens and share information | English/Japanese communication

Under and fresh graduated with good result| Available to work full-time is a priority
Selection Process:
Step 1: Application screening
Step 2: General tests
Step 3: First selection interview with Human Resources
Step 4: Group discussion with Leadership team members
Step 5: Final interview with Heads of Deparment
Successful candidates will go through a 2-months learning and working program
To be on job trained by experienced experts and practice in a professional working
Opportunity to practice English and Japanese
Get closer to clearly navigated career development plan for the future
Opportunity to become official employee and be promoted to a higher position
Working Conditions:
Lunch and motorbike allowance
Part time (8:00-12:00)/Full time (8:00-16:00)
For more information: www.vijagas.vn
How to apply:
Please kindly submit your CV in English (including your photo) to: hr_hn@vijagas.vn

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