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WS x country manager JD

WeShop is the premier cross-border retail facilitation portal in South East
Asia with the mission to enable South East Asians to buy from the world to
their home door with ease and peace-of-mind, this start-up has the
following highlights:
1. Unique and innovative business model with endless potential and
limitless market expansion opportunity to any country in the world, we
want to redefine the concept of importation;
2. The business is successfully proven, highly appreciated by and
partnered with e-Commerce giants in Asia and Visa, MasterCard;
3. Strategic investment by a regional billionaire with ambition to deliver
the next Alibaba for South East Asia and beyond;
We are looking for a Country Manager for X market.
I. Responsibilities:
 Have

responsiblity for managing all operations within X market. This

involves taking responsibility for profit, revenue, cash and GMV
and cost effective targets.
 Make

annual financial plan and producing a detailed annual business

operating plan. An approval financial or business plan
is Country Manager's KPIs.
 Produce

monthly and quarterly business performance reports

including GMV, margin, profit, marketing and cash report.
 Recruit

and manage staff, including performance monitoring,

mentoring and training.
 Place

the role of Marketing Director that requires to:

o Research

buyer demands to find out niche product categories

and models that are unavailable or more expensive if
buying locally.
o Propose

sourcing and pricing strategy, market segmentation

and product roadmap to best-fit WeShop to local demand in
every respective market.
o Implement

and manage marketing strategy, media plan,

budget and ROI to achieve sales target, mostly through
Internet marketing initiatives.
o Develop

and measure key metrics for the business including

user acquisition, conversion and engagement rates, buyer
satisfaction and renewal rates.
o Oversee

and direct the efforts of the marketing teams in all

active markets that WeShop operates
 The

role is client facing and so daily contact with clients is a big part

of a Country Manager job, therefore the ability to communicate
effectively is essential.
II. Offer:
 Gross


 Bonus/


(Employee Stock option plan):

III. Requirements on Skills and qualifications: this is just for your
reference to your personal goals while it is quite standard for this position

 Must

be educated to degree level or equivalent, preferably with

some financial qualifications or training – a solid understanding of
budgeting and financial planning is essential as this role involves
agreeing annual budgets as well as producing financial reports.

Country Manager job requires a strong understanding of how a
business operates and successful candidates will have a proven
track record demonstrating their understanding and business

 General
 In

management experience is essential for working in this job.

a Country Managers job, you need to have excellent networking

 The

job of a Country Manager needs to be able to deliver the highest

standards of customer service.
 The

ability to recruit staff and monitor performance.

 Excellent

interpersonal skills at all levels, including people-

management, leadership and both written and verbal
communication skills.
 To

effectively manage operations, a Country Manager needs to have
knowledge and experience of the sector their company operates
within. They must fully understand the products and services
provided by their company.

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