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speaking tieng anh lop 12

FB nowadays becomes the most powerful social networking website because of its
ability to connect people all over the world. Particularly, relatives, friends,
colleagues can easily chat with each other at their home instead of spending time
and money sitting in a coffee shop or another place. For example, my classmate
and me could discuss about the assignment or review together before the exam so
that we can get the best results by just sitting comfortably at our home. Beside, we
also see the latest news and information from family and friends. People can
quickly know about the time and place where their friend hold their birthday party
or an event through FB. Not only that, FB also plays an important role in business.
More and more people buy their favorite products just by one click after watching
the beautiful images of them. I have bought something from FB like clothes,
watch, and many amazing thing. To sum up, it’s cannot be denied that FB brings us
many benefits which develop our society more ssuccessfully.

My name is Cuoi. I am a student in a Police university. I feel that
studying here not only help me to improve my knowledge about my job
but also make more friends across the country. The lectures that I
received at university encourage me a lot about why I have to protect my
country and how I can support the citizens in Vietnam. I always dreamed
about becoming a good policeman. The mission of this job is protect
people from crime or bad behaviour. So, I hope that I can try my best to

complete my duty perfectly in the future.

Now I will tell you about an important technology item that I am
really like. It is mobilephone. Mobilephone help me to connect
with my family, my friend and other people through phone calls,
text messages. It also supply the Internet which is very useful
nowadays. You can search for everything, example bus station,
restaurant, coffe shop. Beside, with a smartphone, I can use FB,
listen to music or watch many interesting movie whenever I have
free time. Not only that, smartphone help me in studying.
Because of small size, smartphone can be taken easily to any
where I come. The thing about mobile phone that I love most is its
ability to take photos. I use it to save many memorable moment
with my friend, my family and any amazing thing I see everyday.
Although there are some advantages about mobile phone, but I
think people shouldn't spend too much time using phone.
Because it is harmful for your health, especially for your eyes. We
should use mobile phone in scientific way.

I will tell you about my favorite subject at school. It is English. I
think English is very important today. It helps Vietnamese people
to communicate with foreigners. English gives more chance for
my job in the future. I enjoy learning English so every day I always
try to listen and practice speaking in English.
There are many helpful ways to study well English. You can also
listen to English songs, beside watching foreign movie without
vietsub is not bad too. To improve my speaking skill, I usually
discuss with my classmate by English. If I find a new word, I will
look up it in my dictionary and try to remember it. I think learning
English is very interesting so I hope that I can learn English well.

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