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LƯU Ý: Đây là tài liệu do trình độ tiếng anh 12 của mình soạn ra.
Nội dung mang tính chất tham khảo các ý chính Do mình chưa
nhuần nhuyễn tiếng anh nên sai ngữ pháp, từ vựng là điều khó
tránh khỏi.
Mong các bạn thông cảm và bỏ qua cho mình nha.
1. Hobbies and freetime activities
What do you like to do in your free time?
I have various interests such as: watching TV, chatting with my
friends, reading books,…
But I usually reading book, it brings me a lot of benefits as widen
my knowledge and improve concentrated skill.
How do you usually spend your weekends?
Yes, when weekend is coming, I feel so excited because I can relax
and adding more energy. Thus, I usually spent my weekends.
I have a lot of activites to make my weekends more funny such as:
Having a picnic, playing badminton,…
Do you prefer to spend your free time alone or with others people?
Instead of staying alone, I really like spending my time hanging out with
my family and friends. They can give me much useful help in my work
as well as interesting ideas to enjoy life. Beside them, I never feel alone

with terrible mood. Sharing time with others makes my brain
energetic and it works effectively latter

New activities you would like to take up?
If I have a chance, I would like to take up yoga. Yoga is useful
activities, yoga demand practice have to “kien nhan” and careful
skill. So when taking up with yoga, I can improve these things and
special, it helps me remember all of things longer.
1. Family and friends
- How large is your family?
=> There are 3 people in my family: my father, my mother,and me.
Although few member than other familys but I feel so warm with these
thing I have in there.
- What activities do you like to do together with your family?
We are busy with our work during the day so in the evening, we gather
to eat dinner together. After dinner, we watch Tv and talk about our
daily activities. My parents often listen to me carefully when I tell them
about my study and my activities at university.
That Is activities I like best to do together with your family.
- Who are you closet to in your family?
In my family, im closet to my mother. My mother has more time at
home than my father. So, A person take care of me carefully is my
mother. Also, she always know what I am thinking. .
- Have u got a best friend?
=> I have many friends, from my primary school, secondary school,
high school and university. However, I only have some close friends
who I can share with them my
thoughts and feelings.
Besides, it’s more interesting to make an appointment and I can share
bills with friends.
Sometimes, we can play sprots together.

Do you and your friends have similar interests?
Certainly, I ànđ my friend have similar interests such as go
shopping, play chess,.. And we always help each other both in life
and in work. Thus, we are seem each other like a member in

2. Hometown
Where are you from?
My hometown is Tra Vinh province. It is beautiful city in the south
of VIetNam .And it is about 150km from CTho city
Do you like your hometown? Why not?
I love my hometown. It’s very convenient and quite peaceful place
to live here. My hometown is less transportations, intertainment
centre, roads, cinemas, night club,..than other big cities
Another main reason is I live there for 18 years. Tra vinh where I
was born and grow up, I have a lot of memories with my family
and friends.
Like most in your hometown?
In my hometown, I like most in some special kinds of food. For
example, Bunuocleo is my favorite food, it was made very unique,
just people in My hometown….
4. Pets
- Do you like animals?

Yes, I love animals, because It’s so cute and playing with favorite
animals, I feel more happy.
- What is your favourite pet?
Keeping pets is one of my hobbies and the one I like best is dogs,
especially Bull dogs. It is believed to be the most royal pet. Besides, dog
is very intelligent so that it can understand our mood. Its voice and
activities can help me to relax after hours of working

Do you have a pet at home?
Of course, I have a Bull dog at home. I have had him for almost one year
and I call him Bin.There are many wrinkle inhis face which make him
look so cute.My Bull is gentle and not too difficult to look after.
Whenever I returned home, he come to me and acted so fondly. It
seemed that he can understand my thoughts and gestures. I love him
so much
-What are the benefits of keeping pets? ( WHY DO PEOPLE
have pets?)
As far as I know, keeping pets can bring us many advantages. Firstly,
they may be our good friends. We can sharing time with them in
watching TV, walking... Oh, when you walking in the park with your
pet, you can have chance to make friends with others. Besides, playing
witha pet, we can increase the brain activity and enhance pleasure
and tranquility.

5 Neighbours and neighbourhood

Do you like your neighbours?
Yes, I do I like my neighbors very much. There are very friendly and
helpful when I go far away for a few days they often take care my pet

Are neighbours usually close to each other in your country?
Yes, they are my neighbours are close to each other. They often drink tea
and chat every morning. On special accasions such as weding or
birthday. My neighbours usually come to help me.
Do u think it is important to have a good relationship with your
Certainly, it's important to get on well with the people who
live next door.I always stop to talk whenever I see them.
Sometimes, I help them to take care of their baby or pick him up
from kindergarten. And of course, so do they.
- I would like to live near friendly and helpful people who can at
least smile and say hello whenever we meet each other. Even
neighbors can helps each other in some necessary case.
In what way are neighbors helpful?
We all want good neighbors because they are closet people
whom we share the daily life with. Therefore, I would like to
live near friendly and helpful people who can at least smile
and say hello whenever we meet each other. Even
neighbors can helps each other in some necessary case.
6 .Traveling
- Do you like traveling? Of course, I have a strong preferences for
journey Not only is travelling best way to relax, but it also help me to

widen my knowledge. I usually go with my friend or my family.
Sometimes, I also choose going alone in a strange city. It gives me
the feeling of adventure
Do you like traveling alone or with others?
Well, I would prefer to travel with other. Firstly, traveling with a
companion is safer because we can support and help each other if
something happened. It is more exciting and interesting as we can
share all beautiful moments and new experiences. Finally, it helps
to save some money because companions can
share all expenses on gas, hotels, etc
What is your favorite way to travel?
Without a tourguide, I’m a curious girls, I want to explore these thing in
which I travel. That is make my trip become more and more meaningful.

What do you do while you are traveling?
Take photo,, swim in sea, climb, enjoy seafood, local food, specialties,..
7.Clothes and fashion
-what type of clothes do you like to wear?
+ Normal clothes ( đi hội họp, đi làm, đồ trang trọng,..)
+ Casual clothes ( đồ bình thường, đi ngoài trời,..)
I like to wear casual clothes by some reason: first, It is cheaper than
normail clothes.
Second, it is more fashion, and easy to buy.it was sell almost in evey

And the last reason, Im sill young so I feel full of energy when
wearing casual clothes.

What kind of clothes do people wear to work in your country?
In my country, people usually wear casual clothes to work. Because
almost employer in my country were’n demand them to wear normal
clothes or other clothes..
They know when wearing comfortable clothes, worker will feel
convinent to work.

Have you ever bought clothes online?
Yes, I have. I have bought a T-shirt/a pair of Jeans. The clothes online, it
is easy to select and don’t waste more time than go to shop to buy.
Do you think people behave differently in different kinds of
Yes, I think that is true. For example, when you wear normal clothes,
you will have good impression and attrack them to see you.
However, we should choose suitable clothes to wear. It will bring us
to good effect.
Some people are really careful about that they wear b/cthey want to
be show wealth or status .

How important is fashion to you?
No, clothes and fashion are not really important to me. I tend to wear
clothes that are comfortable and practical rather than fashionable.

- Do you watch tv a lot?
No, every day I spend a liite bit time to watch TV
I would rather watch on smartphone than watching in tv. Because when
watching on smartphone, I can bring it to wherever and watching
whenever I want.
- Time to spend watching tv every day?
I have to go to school all days, so I have a litte time to relax. Every day, I
have 2 or 3 hours to relax. And I spend 1 hours for watching Reality
programs on TV.
- What do you usually watch on tv?
I’m crazy of watching reality programs, It’s so funny and giving me a lot
of information in my life. Running man is my favorite programs I like
best and I usually watch it on Tv
Do you like getting news from tv? Why not?
Yes, I like getting news from TV. Because the news from TV more
ecxacly than from Internet.
I believe the news from Tv was choose very carefully because it’s
provide information for all people In Vietnam.

- what are the most popular shows in your country?
The two most popular genres as soaps and reality TV. Soaps like
coronation street have always been popular because people get to know
the characters really well and the storylines can be qute gripping. I have
no idea why reality TV is popular, I can not stand it, all those C-list
celebrities trying to become popular again. I would rather watch paint
dry, to be honest.
- how often do you use the internet
For me, Internet is very helpful. I use it everyday for searching
information that relative my studying.
- what is your favorite website?
My favorite website is wed5ngay.com. it has all of fields in life such as
economic, chinhs trij,….
- how useful is this wedsite?
it brings me very much useful knowledge such as business, some tips
about learning and how to treat with other people
- do you use the internet for fun or for your work/study?
It depends, But most of time, I use inerner for study. I have just go to
university, so a huge of knowledge I must learn, so using internet to
learn is best way for me.
- do you do any shopping on the internet?
Yes, Before I used to shopping in the internet, The clothes online, it is
easy to choose and don’t waste more time than go to shop to buy.
Besides, a various of style for me

10.Holidays and festivals
What is your favorite holidays?
I would like to talk about the Lunar New Year festival, also known
as the Tet holiday, which is the occasion expected the most by
Vietnamese people every year. The festival usually lasts for around 3-4
days, and it takes place when a new year comes according to the lunar
What is the most popular holidays in your country?
In my country, the most popular holidays is Tet and Giáng sinh .
It’s the popular holiday and having a various activities that so
2. What do people usually do during festivals?
There are two main types of activities conducted in Vietnam's
festivals: ceremonial rites and entertaining activities. These activities,
however, are variously held to be suitable with each territory; which
contributes to our diversified culture.
Có hai loại hoạt động chính được tiến hành trong các lễ hội ở Việt
Nam : nghi thức nghi lễ và các hoạt động giải trí . Tuy nhiên những
hoạt động này được tổ chức nhiều kiểu khác nhau để phù hợp với
từng khu vực; góp phần vào văn hóa đa dạng của nước tôi .
4. Do you think festivals are important?
Personally, it seems to me that festivals are of great importance in any
culture. Not only express respects to country’s ancestors and heroes
but festivals are also held to entertain the community.
11.Food and health
What kind of food do u like?

My favorite food is Bun nuoc leo that is famous food in my hometown.
Do you prefer home cookek meals or restaurant-cooked meals
I prefer home-cooked meals because It’s more clean and cheaper
than restaurant-cooked meals. Eating home-cooked meals, all
members of my family can gain together to enjoy this meals
without worrying about time.
What do you do to stay healthy?
Im stay healthy by eating healthy food that less cholesterol, lipit,..
and eat more protein food.
Every morning, I get up early to do excersice about 30’.
Do you have any unhealthy habits?
Yes, I have some bad habits like eating sweet food such as
chocolates, drink coffee,.. and special sometimes Im lazy to do
exercise. And I noticed that it’s bad habit and not good for my
health so I am trying to stop it.
What do you think is more important, eating halthyily or doing
Food is the very important source of nutrition that brings us health
in many ways.
Just eating healthy then it give us to health to doing excersice.
12.Do you like shopping?
What do you usually buy when you go shoping?
Yes, I go shopping when I really nesscessary. But sometimes, when
I feel stress, I usually go shopping to see these kind of beautiful
clothes that I don’t buy.
How much time do you spend shopping every week?

Maybe once a week, all days in week I have to go to school, and I
have one day off that I use it for shopping.
Do yoou like shopping on the internet?
Yes, shopping on the internet brings us 2 benefits. First, it don’t
waste time of me, I can choose clothes whenever and wherever I
Second, a various clothes with fashion style for me to choose
Do you prefer shooping in big stores or small shops?
Perhaps I prefer shopping in big stores because It has more style,
more size than small shops.
13. Transport
- How do you usually get around in your hometown/city?
Yes, when having freetime, I & my friend will get around my
hometowm in other that explore something news that I haven’t
chance to know.
- Do you prefer public or private transport?
I prefer public b/c it is safer than private transport and I never have
to think about the weather such as rain, storm, sun, ). Furthermore,
Using public transport cheaper than pritave. It is one way to save
money for me.
- What are different type of public transport in your country?

- what is the most popular means of transport in your country?
In my country, the most popular means of transport is motorbike.
Motobike brings us some participate benefit like: more faster, can
watching something around the street, save money than buy a car.

14. Sport and game
- what sport are popular in your country?
In my country, having a various sport is seemed polular such as:
playing football, playing chess, swimming,…
- What sports and games did you most enjoy playing when you
were a child?
When I was a child, I enjoy playing chess most. I’m crazy of these
thing in the chess table. Look so funny and actract me to learn and
play it until now.
- why is exercise good for you?
Doing exercise is the gold key for everyone if you want to have
good health to work to take care all members in your family.
Doing exercise is so good for me, when doing it I feel more strong,
more happy. It’s not only improve my health but also help
remember all things that occur in my life more longer.
- Do you enjoy watching or participating in sports?
I enjoy participating by some following reasons:
Feeling real about how to play this sport.
Gaining a lot of experiment like: how to treat and my behavior
with other people.
- Do you think it’s important for people to play games/sports?

It’s very important for people to play sports. Both having benefits
about the health and gain a lot of knowledge in life.

15Work and study
What do you do ?
I am a student in CTHO university. Im a first year and my major is
international bussiness
Is there anything u dislike in work?
This is the way I choose so almost the things in work I have full of
energy to solve. But
Sometimes, I feel tired with a lot of kind excersice in class that in
the internet don’t have the answer.
What is your typical working day?
My typical working day is following:
I go to class 6days in week, I usually go to class in the morning to learn
major lessons. After that, I went home to relax and having lunch. I spent
2 hours for leisure time. About 13am I review these lessons in class, then
prepare new lessons by surfing the interet to get more information about
it and searching these relatived excersises. All things in class I feel
completed I will spent time in last day to increase these skills that I need
for the work in the future.
Do you like studying? Why?
Yes, I love studying, in my mind, studying is the short way to success.
Studying brings me a lot of benefit such as: widen knowledge about
these fields in life, makes me more and more confident,, help me
solve the problems occurs both in life and in work more easily.
What was your favorite subject at school?

My favorite subject at school is English. I have passionate with
learning English from a child. Learning English helps me can
communicate with foreigner. Getting better jobs in the future.

16. Music
- do u like music?
I love music-> reduce stress-> full of energy-> depend kind of
- kind of music do you like
Bolero-> traditional music in Vn-> hearing it helps more
comfortable-> reduce stress after working hard
- what kind of music is popular in your country?
Bolero-> suitable all of age-> easy to hear-> give good impression
when hearing the first.
- when do you usually listen to music?
Having leisure time, stress, sometimes hear to relax
- do u play any musical instrument?
I have a chance to play piano, it’s difficult for me but I like it.
I wish I could play it well.
17. computer
- do you like using computer?
Yes, using computer like using knowledge museum of the world. A
huge of knowledge I need to learn, a huge of type to entertainment,

-use computer for?

I usually use Pc for studying and relaxing.
Using for work to search information that I have’n a chance to know
before. Or support for excersice in class
Using for relaxing such as listen to music, play games, watch game
- do you think computer are bad for health?
Certainly, It’s bad for health, but depend on how to use. If you use
it scienfic you will reduce to ability to bad for health.
- what is the importance of computers nowadays?
It’s very important. Supporting both in work and in life.
It’s conveninent, save money and easy to use. Whatever, whenever,
wherever you want to use.
- what jobs do computers do better than people?
A lot of jobs computers do better than such as: Good memory,
ability to work 24/7, don’t feel tired, work rapidly,..
18. mobile phone
- do u use a cell phone? How often do u use it?
Yes, I use a cell phone since 2010. I use it when I need, may be 8
times a day.
Really I want to say, it’s the best invention.
- what do you use it for?
Using it for chatting, calling with my patents and my friends,
sufting web to find information to prepare for lessons in class.
Besides, using it when feeling bored. Playing games in it is my
way to reduce bore.
- what feature/function of your cell phone do you like the best?

Surfing in the internet, a lot of application allow me to use it for
calling, chating that without money. It’s save money everymonth
for me. So I like this function best.
- is there anything you dislike about using cell phone?
Yes, sometimes it don’t operator like me want so I feel angry.
Just a this drawback, I dislike
- how has your mobile phone changed your life?
Change a lot, from in work to in life. It helps me improve my life
easier and fast. Make me comfortable in the modern life.

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