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Bo tro 6 29

Describe a time that you had to change your plan/ you changed your mind

Talk about yourself
I’m not much of a planner.
 Usually just wing it
 be spontaneous
 This characteristic comes in handy one time when ….
I’m a detail-oriented/ organized person.
 Plan everything out in a detailed way.
 Having said that, there was one time when things went south
went downhill.

When this happened
At the time, I was torn between…
Was on the fence (about), deciding…
What made you change the plan
What the new plan was
At first, I was fixated on
I set my mind on…
 After an expected event/ consulting – receiving advice with/from parents/ friends
I eventually had a change of heart.

How you felt about the change
Mixed feelings
 Ambivalent feelings
In retrospect
In hindsight
 I have no regrets
 I never look back

Part 3
Do old people often change plans?
 No
 Conservative 
 Opposed to changes, esp, sudden ones.
 They plan things in a detailed way.

Do young people like to change plans?
 Depends
Some are conservative
Some are liberal/ spontaneous
Always crave for new experiences
Job hopping

What are the common reasons when people need to change plans?
 Many
Objective reasons
 Weather/ shortage of funds/ human resources
Subjective reasons
 Have a change of heart

How would you tell your friends when you must change your plan?
There’s no easy way to go about this.
 But honesty is key
 Apologize and explain the real reason.

 Promise to make it up to them later.

What kinds of plans are practical?
I’m not much of a planner 
Not the best person to ask
With that being said,
Practical plans are plans that are realistic.
Not too ambitious
 Easier to achieve
 Celebrate small victories
 Have the momentum to keep pushing forward.

Describe a time that someone didn’t tell you the whole truth about something
Talk about yourself
 Honesty
 I’m an honest person.
 I don’t wanna sound pretentious but
I’d like to think that I’m a person who values honesty
a person with integrity
 When someone lies to me
 I am quite offended.
 And there was one time when…

When this happened
 Em là sophomore
What the situation was + Who you were with
Travel/ Shopping/ Study/ Restaurant
luôn có seller and buyer

 I was on search for…
at… (where)
 Then I was approached by người bán
 He was trying to sell me on
Renting this apartment.
He said that … was a steal.
And that I should wait no more
Shouldn’t ignore this opportunity
Shouldn’t sleep on it.
 He was pretty persuasive
 I almost bought it.
 I was on the fence about it.
Asked around
It turned out that I was almost deceived/ tricked by him because
The price was just half as much.
I was very angry.
And confronted him about it.
 Be more careful/ cautious in the future.

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