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Địa 12 Bài 45 in English

Presentation of
Multiplication(Nhan )
Complete (Thien)

The history of Vietnamese territory is closely related
to the formation of the Earth.
There are 3 main stages:
-Stage pre-cambri
-Stage Co Kien Tao
-Stage Tan Kien Tao

Stage pre-cambri
• a. Time: This is the oldest, most prolonged period in the history of
development of Vietnam, begun 2 billion years ago, ending 540
million years ago.
• b. Only in a narrow area on our territory today: ancient platforms
such as arches of Chay river, Hoang Lien Son, Ma river, Kon Tum
block ....
• c. Natural ingredients are very primitive
- Atmosphere is very thin, almost no oxygen, only ammonia gas,
carbon dioxide, nitrogen, hydrogen.
- Waterborne: almost no surface water.
- Poor organisms: algae (green algae, red algae), molluscs
(jellyfish, sea anemones, sea anemones, snails, snails).

Stage Co Kien Tao
• a. Time: Expected in length to 477 million: Từ kỷ Cambri -542
triệu năm đến Kreta -65 million.
• b. This is the most volatile period in our country's natural history
Many areas are submerged in sea water and elevated through
the movement of paint: Caledoni, Hecxini, Indoxini and Kimeri.
Strong folding areas: Cham river archipelago, Viet Bac upriver,
Kon Tum geomorphology, Northwest ...
- Areas of fault, earthquake, strong eruption, forming rocks:
granite, andezite, minerals ...
c. The landscape of tropical geography in our country has been
very developed.

Stage Tan Kien Tao

This is the last stage in the history of the formation and development of the Vietnamese
territory, which continues to this day.

a. Time: This is the shortest period in the history of natural formation and development of
our country.
• b. Strongly affected by the cyclical movement of the Alps - Himalayas and the global climate
- Advocate Hymalaya => folding, faulting, magmatic eruption, sedimentation, forming
exotic mineral deposits ...
c. It is a period of continuous improvement of the natural conditions that make our country look
and feel like today:
- Raise the terrain => young and active river, ancient hills are raised and expanded.
- Form plateau + delta
- Expanding the East Sea to create oil and gas tanks.
- Evolutionary biologists - human beings appear.
- The humid tropical nature has been shown clearly.

Linh nè Nghiêm http://www.cadasa.vn/khoi-lop12/lich-su-hinh-thanh-va-phat-trien-lanh-tho.aspx

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