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reading unit 8 lớp 12

Task 1: Find words or phrases in the passage which have the following
(Tìm những từ hay cụm từ trong đoạn văn có nghĩa sau.)
1. People who always expect bad things to happen = pessimists
2. People who always expect good things to happen = optimists
3. A period when there’s little economic activity and many people are poor or
without jobs = economic depression
4. The use of violent action in order to achieve political aims or to force a
government to act = terrorism
5. Be destroyed or removed completely = wiped out
6. Spacecraft designed to be used for travelling between the earth and a space
station = space-shuttle
Task 2: Answer these following questions.
(Trả lời những câu hỏi sau.)
1. What will happen in an economic depression?
Trả lời: Many large corporations will he wiped out and millions of jobs will
be lost.
2. Why, according to pessimists, will the security of the earth be threatened?
Trả lời: Because of terrorism as terrorists will be more powerful and more
3. What will life be like in the future, according to optimists?

Trả lời: People will be living in a much cleaner environment, breathing
fresher air and eating healthier foods. They will he better looked after by a
more modern medical.

4. What are the most important factors that will bring about dramatic changes in
different aspects of our lives?
Trả lời: They are developments in micro technology - computers and
Task 3: Complete the notes about how technology will influence our life in
the future.
(Hoàn chỉnh những ghi chú về phương cách kĩ thuật sẽ ảnh hưởng cuộc sống
chúng ta trong tương lai.)
- work: _________________________
Trả lời: factories will be run by robots; offices go electronic; many people will
work from home.
- travel:______________________
Trả lời: normal air travel by very fast space-shuttle, at 15.000 kph; cars will be
run on electricity or methane gas and fitted with computers

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