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Supply the correct tense.
1/ They (just decide) __________ that they (undertake) ___________ the job.
2/ We (go) ___________ to the theatre last night.
3/ He usually (write) __________ in green ink.
4/ She (play) __________ the piano when our guests (arrive) __________ last night.
5/ We (do) __________ an English exercise at the moment.
6/ She (just come) __________ in and (see) __________ you in 5 minutes.
7/ I (come) __________ as soon as my work is finished.
8/ Where (yougo) __________ for your holiday last year ?
9/ I (not leave) _________ Paris since we (go) _________ to Dieppe three years ago.
10/ My mother (come) __________ to stay with us next weekend.
11/ We (meet) __________ only yesterday and (already decide) __________ to get married.
12/ I (never see) __________ snow.
13/ Violets (bloom) __________ in spring.
14/ We (not live) ___________ in England for the last two months.
15/ I (lose) _________ my keys; I cannot remember where I last (see) _________ them.

16/ He (not arrive) __________ when I (write) __________ my last letter to you.
17/ Whenever you (go) _________ to town nowadays, you (spend) _________ a lot of money.
18/ I (never forget) __________ what you (just tell) __________ me.
19/ They (prepare) __________ the Christmas dinner today.
20/ When I last (stay) ___________ in Cairo, I (ride) __________ to the Pyramids on a camel that
my friend (borrow) ____________ the day before.
21/ I (finish) ___________ the book before my next birthday.
22/ “Hello! (You make) __________ a cake ?
23/ He (walk) __________ very quickly when I (meet) __________ him yesterday.
24/ We (meet) __________ you tomorrow after you (finish) __________ your work.
25/ Yesterday I (buy) __________ a new watch as my old one (be) __________ stolen.
Choose the best option to finish each sentences:
1. She was thoughtfully looking at him while he _______ a newspaper
A. read B. was reading C. has read D. has been reading
2. While I _____ the floor, Mrs. Paker began cooking
A. swept B. was sweeping C. has swept D. has been sweeping
3. I just ____ a telegram to say that my poor friend is badly ill again.
A. had B. have had C. was having D. has been having
4. I have lost my key again. I _____ things. I lost things to often
A. always B. am always losing C. have always lost D. was always losing
5. I _____ Ann at her father „s house twenty years ago and _____ her ever since.
A. met/ have known B. was meeting/ knew C. met/ knew D. have met/ was working
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6. Higher education in the US _____ in 1636 when the first colonists Harvard College
A. has began/ founded B. began/ have founded
C. began/ founded D. was beginning/ have founded
7. When Jack ___ me, I a letter
A. was phoning/ wrote B. phoned/ has been writing
C. phoned/ was writing D. has phoned/ was writing
8. He wil _____ here till he ___ everything.
A. stay/ will do B. stay/ won‟t do C. stay/ does D. will stay/ doesn‟t do
9. In case the weather good, they fishing
A. is/ go B. will be/ go C. will be/ will go D. is/ will go
10. By 8o‟clock they dinner.
A. will have B. will be having C. will have had D. is having

11. By the end of this week he ____ the translation
A. will finish B. will have finished C. will be finishing D. is finishing
12. Before you _______ I all the work
A. come/ do B. will come/ will do C. will come/ do D. come/ will do
13. By the time we ____ to the forest, the rain
A. will get/ will stop B.will get/ will have stopped
C. get/ will stop D. get/ will have stopped
14. I think he ______ the letter by this time.
A. will answer B. will have answered C. will be answering D. has answered
15. I _____ my report when you entered the hall
A. made B. have been making C. was making D. have made
16. They _____ the new words yesterday from three to seven.
A. learnt B. have been learning C. have learnt D. were learning
17. She _____ this exercise yesterday at 8o‟clock
A. wrote B. has written C. has been writing D. was writing
18. My mother often morning exercise
A. do B. does C. doing D. has done
19. She _____ some cakes yesterday at 2p.m
A. make B. has been making C. has made D. was making
20. He _____ me to the party yesterday.
A. invited B. has invited C. has been invited D. was inviting
21. He _____ a book two days ago.
A. read B. has been reading C. was reading D. has read
22. Miss Brown‟s telephone _____ when she
A. rang/ dressed B. was ringing/ was dressing
C. was ringing/ dresses D. rang/ was dressing
23. When he ______ into the office, the secretary ______ a crossword puzzle
A. came/ was doing B. was coming/ was doing
C. was coming/ did D. came/ did
24. Why ____ to me while I _____ ?
A. did you not listen/ was speaking B. were you not listening/ was speaking
C. were you not listening/ spoke D. did you not listen/ spoke
25. He _____ for her, but she never.
A. was waiting/ was coming B. waited/ was coming
C. was waiting/ came D. was waiting/ comes
26. While I ______ for him to call up, he a good time in the bar.



A. waited/ was having B. have waited/ was having
C. was waiting/ have had D. was waiting/ was having
27. They _____ this film last week.
A. have seen B. saw C. have been seeing D. were seeing
28. She ______ the picture when I came
A. painted B. has painted C. was painting D. have been
29. They ______ the new words yesterday from three till seven
A. learnt B. were learning C. have learnt D. have been learning
30. It ______ this week.
A. rained B. has rained C. was raining D. rains
31. She _____ a bath at seven o‟clock last night .
A. was having B. had C. has had D. has been having
32. She _____ dishes already.
A. was washing B. washed C. has washed D. has been washing
33. They ______ supper when the telephone rang.
A. had B. have had C. were having D. have been having
34. I ______ you for ages.
A. didn‟t meet B. haven‟t met C. was not meeting D. haven‟t been meeting
35. Last summer, he to Ha Long Bay.
A. has gone B. was going C. went D. has been going
36. While she _____ , she _____ the doorbell, then voices
A. was washing up/ heard B. washed up/ has heard
C. has washed/ was hearing D. was washing up/ was hearing
37. “She _____ tea”, let‟s go to the dinning room.
A. was making B. made C. has made D. has been making
38. The library ______ by the time I ____ there
A. had closed/ got B. closed/ got C. closed/ had got D. has closed/ got
39.When my friend , I ______ an exercise for an hour
A. was coming/ had been doing B. came/ was doing
C. was coming/ has been doing D. came/ had been doing
40. We _____ while he
A. read/ was eating B. were reading/ ate C. read/ ate D. was reading/ was eating

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