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Bài tập thì hiện tại đơn 1907


I. Hoàn thành các câu sau:
1) Tom doesn’t collect stamps. (not/to collect)
2) You don’t sing songs in the bathroom. (not/to sing)

Julie doesn’t work in the garden. (not/to

4) I don’t sit at home. (not/to sit)
5) Tina and Kate don’t open the windows. (not/to open)
Vì hai người, số nhiều, xem như They nên dùng don’t
6) Adam doesn’t speak French. (not/to speak) Adam tên
riêng nên xem như He, She
7) His sister doesn’t like lemonade. (not/to like)
8) We don’t listen to music. (not/to listen)

My father doesn’t clean the car every Saturday. (not/to clean)


Johnny and Danny don’t swim in the lake. (not/to swim)

II. Hoàn thành các câu sau:
1) I don’t stay/doesn’t stay at home. Don’t stay
2) We don’t wash/doesn’t wash the family car. Don’t wash
3) Doris don’t do/doesn’t do her homework. Doesn’t do
4) They don’t go/doesn’t go to bed at 8.30 pm. Don’t go
5) Kevin don’t open/doesn’t open his workbook. Doesn’t open
6) Our hamster don’t eat/doesn’t eat apples. Doesn’t eat
7) You don’t chat/doesn’t chat with your friends. Don’t chat
8) She don’t use/doesn’t use a ruler. doesn’t use
9) Max, Frank and Steve don’t skate/doesn’t skate in the yard. Don’t skate
10) The boy don’t throw/doesn’t throw stones. Doesn’t throw

III. Hoàn thành các câu sau:
1) We don’t play handball at school. (not/to play)
2) Laura doesn’t clean her room. (not/to clean)
3) Mark doesn’t do his homework. (not/to do)
4) Susan and Jerry don’t watch TV. (not/to watch)
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5) They don’t wake up at 6.30. (not/to wake up)
6) You don’t go shopping. (not/to go)

7) Mrs Smith doesn’t carry a big box. (not/to carry)

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8) My brother doesn’t teach English. (not/to teach)
9) The teachers don’t tell stories. (not/to tell)
10) I don’t fly in a plane. (not/to fly)

IV. Hoàn thành các câu sau: (Chuyển sang câu phủ định)

1) They play volleyball every week. - They don’t play volleyball every week.
2) John is nice. – John isn’t nice.
3) This car makes a lot of noise. - This car doesn’t make a lot of noise.
4) I like computer games. - I don’t like computer games.
5) We are from Greece. - We aren’t from Greece.
6) You wear pullovers. - You don’t wear pullovers.
7) They speak English. - They don’t speak English.
8) He watches TV. - He doesn’t watch TV.
9) I am from Spain. – I’m not from Spain.
10) Steve draws nice pictures. – Steve doesn’t draw nice pictures.

V. Hoàn thành các câu sau: (Chuyển sang câu phủ định)
1) She feeds the animals. - She doesn’t feed the animals.
2) We take photos. - We don’t take photos.
3) Sandy does the housework every Thursday. - Sandy doesn’t the housework every
4) The boys have two rabbits. - The boys don’t have two rabbits.
5) Simon can read English books. - Simon can’t read English books.
6) He listens to the radio every evening. - He doesn’t listen the radio every evening.
7) Anne is the best singer of our school. - Anne isn’t the best singer of our school.
8) The children are at home. - The children aren’t at home.
9) The dog runs after the cat. - The dog doesn’t run after the cat.
10) Lessons always finish at 3 o'clock. - Lessons don’t always finish at 3 o'clock.

VI. Hoàn thành các câu hỏi sau:
Ex: (where / you / go to school?)

Where do you go to school?
1. (what / you / do?)
 What do you do ?
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2. (where / John / come from?)
 Where does John come from ?
3. (how long / it / take from London to Paris?)
 How long does it take from London to Paris?
4. (how often / she / go to the cinema?)
 How often does she go to the cinema?
5. (how many children / you / have?)
How many children do you have?
6. (when / you / get up?)
 When do you get up?
7. (how often / you / study English?)
 How often do you study English?
8. (what time / the film / start?)
 What time is the film start?
9. (where / you / play tennis?)
 Where are you play tennis?
10. (what sports / Lucy / like?)
 What sports does Lucy like?
11. (how / they / get to work?)
 How do they get to work?
12. (how often / I / come here?)
 How often do I come here?
13. (where / she / live?)
 Where does she live?
14. (why / you / eat so much chocolate?)
 Why do you eat so much chocolate?
15. (what / this machine / do?)
 What does this machine do ?
16. (who / she / meet on Saturdays?)
 Who does she meet on Saturdays?

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17. (how many brothers / she / have?)
 How many brothers does she have?
18. (how much / this / cost?)
 How much is this cost?
19. (where / you / eat lunch?)
 Where do you eat lunch.?

VII. Hoàn thành các câu hỏi sau:
Ex. Where / John?

Where is John?
Why / they / hungry?

Why are they hungry?
1. Where / we?
Where are we go ?
2. Who / you?
 Who are you?
3. Why / he / late?
 Why is he late?
4. What / this?
 What is this?
5. Where / Jimmy ?
 Where does Jimmy?
6. How old / she ?
 How old is she?
7. How / you ?
 How are you?
8. Where / the station?
 Where is the station?
9. What time / it now?
 What time is it now?
10. Where / Pedro / from?
 Where is Pedro from?
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11. Why / they / in the kitchen?
 Why are they in the kitchen?
12. How / the food?
 How is the food ?
13. How long / the journey?
 How long is the journey?
14. How old / you ?
 How old are you?
15. Why / I / last ?
 Why am I last?
16. What time / the concert?
 What time is the concert?
17. Where / she?
 Where is she?
18. Who / Julie / with?
 Who does Julie with?

VIII. Hoàn thành các câu sau: Ở dạng nghi vấn
Ex. (you / like cake?) - Do you like cake?
1. (she / live in London?) Does she live in London?
2. (they / hate studying?) Do they hate studying?
3. (you / drink tea every morning?) Do you drink tea every morning?
4. (you smoke?) Do you smoke?
5. (he / play tennis on Saturdays?) Does he play tennis on Saturdays?
6. (you / go shopping at the weekend?) Do you go shopping at the weekend?
7. (you / drink alcohol?) Do you drink alcohol?
8. (she / work in an office?) Does she work in an office?
9. (they / study French?) Do the study French?
10. (you / meet your friends on Fridays?) Do you meet your friends on Fridays?
11. (you / read a lot?) Do you read a lot?
12. (John / come from New Zealand?) Does John come from New Zealand?
13. (they / like pizza?) Do they like pizza?
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14. (we / arrive at 9 p.m.?) Do we arrive at 9 p.m?
15. (it / snow here in winter?) Does it snow here in winter?
16. (Lucy / study History?) Does Lucy study History?
17. (I / work as a teacher?) Do you work as a teacher?
18. (he / eat rice often?) Does he eat rice often?
19. (you / like coffee?) Do you like coffee?

IX. Hoàn thành các câu sau: Ở dạng nghi vấn
Ex. John / in the garden? - Is John in the garden?
1. They / hungry? Are they hungry?
2. We / late? Are we late?
3. You / tired? Are you tired?
4. He / French? Is he French?
5. She / a teacher? Is she a teacher?
6. Harry and Lucy / from London? Are Harry and Lucy from London // Are they from London?
7. I / early? Am I early?
8. You / thirsty? Are you thirsty?
9. She / on the bus? // Is she on the bus?
10. We / on time? // Are we on time?
11. Pedro / from Spain? Is Pedro from Spain?
12. They / in Tokyo? Are they in Tokyo?
13. Julie / at home? Is Julie at home?
14. The children / at school? Are the children at school?
15. You / in a cafe? Are you in a café?
16. I / right? // am I right?
17. We / in the right place? Are we in the right place?
18. She / German? //Is she German?
19. He / a doctor? // Is he a doctor?

X. Hoàn thành các câu sau:
1. I am (be) in a café now.
2. Does She play (she / play) tennis every week?
3. They go (go) to the cinema every Wednesday.
4. Is she (she / be) a singer?
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5. You find (find) the weather here cold.
6. Are they (they / be) on the bus?
7. Lucy rides (ride) her bicycle to work.
8. Why is he (he / be) in France?
9. I don’t play (not / play) the piano often.
10. It isn’t (not / be) cold today.
11. We are (be) from Portugal.
12. Do we make (we / make) too much noise at night?
13. Where does Harry study (Harry / study)?
14. It is (it / be) foggy today?
15. We aren’t (not / be) late.
16. They don’t like (not / like) animals.
17. Where are you (you / be)?
18. He isn’t (not / be) an accountant.
19. Does the dog eat (the dog / eat) chicken?
20. She is (be) my sister.

XI. Hoàn thành các câu sau:
1. She plays (play) tennis every Sunday.
2. He buys (buy) a cup of coffee every morning.
3. Julie studies (study) French at school.
4. Luke tries (try) hard to be polite.
5. She enjoys (enjoy) going swimming.
6. Lucy washes (wash) her hair every day.
7. John never cries (cry).
8. My mother always says (say) that love is more important than money. 9. I hope Julie
passes (pass) the exam.
10. The plane flies (fly) low over the airport.

XII. Hoàn thành các câu sau:
1. (he / drive to work every day)

He drives to work every day

2. (I / not / think you're right)

I don’t think you’re right
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3. (we / have enough time?)

Do We have enough time?
4. (I / eat cereal in the morning)

I eat cereal in the morning.
5. (they / write e-mails every day?)

They write e-mails every day
6. (you / watch a lot of TV)

You watch a lot of TV.
7. (he / not / read the newspaper)

He doesn’t read the newspaper.
8. (she / dance often?)
Does she dance offten?
9. (where / I / come on Mondays?)
Where do I come on Mondays.
10. (what / you / do at the weekend?)
What do you do at the weekend.
11. (you / not / drink much tea)
You don’t drink much tea.
12. (how / he / travel to work?)
How does he travel to work?
13. (they / not / like vegetables)
They don’t like vegetables.
14. (she / catch a cold every winter)
She catches a cold every winter.
15. (I / go out often?)
Do I go out often?
16. (you / speak English?)
Do you speak English?
17. (we / take the bus often)
We takr the bus often
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18. (she / not / walk to school)

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XIII. Hoàn thành các câu sau:
1. (they / wear suits to work?)
Do they wear suits to work?
2. (he / not / say much)
He doesn’t say much
3. (when / she / study?)

When does she study?
4. (she / know a lot about cooking)

She knows a lot about cooking
5. (we / make dinner at the weekends)
We make dinner at the weekends.
6. (I / not / leave work on time very often)
I don’t leave work on time very often
7. (she / meet her brother every week?)
Does she meet her brother every week?
8. (they / find London’s weather cold)
They find London’s weather cold
9. (we / use the computer every day?)
Do We(They) use the computer every day?
10. (you / not / smoke)
You don’t smoke.
11. (why / we / always get into trouble?)
Why do we always get into trouble?
12. (what/ they / usually cook?)
What do they usually cook?
13. (what / we / need?)
What do we need?

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