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Nowadays, the twenty first century, the beginning and development of the fourth industrial revolution in
which direct to cyber physical systems, especially, automation and internet of things, have many effects
on changing the way of business worldwide. The upsides seem to be principally significant, much more
than the drawbacks.
As can be easily seen, the change in forms of business will lead to many advantages. First of all, life
quality can be improved. Because of being provided the huge number of services, people don't have to
waste time on trifles. In the modern life, people is always occupying with works, plans and future, which
directly stress them, possibly make the feeling of tiring or even depression. So, the decreasing pressure
against the lack of time help people with this saving to relax or do something more important, favorable.
Furthermore, it expands the space time to creative activities, develop their characteristics and learn
more about owned specializations. For instance, Uber supply the services of food delivery and ride
sharing which is very effective and advantageous, therefore, people just have to stay at home or in the
office, and book food online, the shipper will bring all the things they need to their place, so much time
can be saved. Move on another positive effect, the modern model of business which actives online will
push up the development of economy among the countries. All the things becomes easier and easier to
be done, just a click or a touch on the screen and people can buy anythings they want, book a tour, pay
for a bill, watch the news all over the world or communicate with their friends who live very far away
from them, etc. Consequently, people seem to cut their expenditure on another aspects of service
industry to use more money online. As the result, the change stimulates the others to be changeable to
adapt and rise suitably for the customers's need. As an evidence of Netflix which is a media-services
provider, makes new television productions every years to take place of original channels.

On the other hand, there are many negative aspects humanity have to encounter. Initially, people
depends too much on machines and electronic equipment like smartphones, computers or simple as
televisions. Therefore, the balance between human and the nature gets lost, people become more
foolish, less intelligent and lack of clear-headed. Life can't be continued smoothly without services for
the inability to do anything themselves, the determination come to a stop as obstacles on the way they
prepare or work to succeed. In the fact that human have to contact with sunlight everyday to general
vitamin D, however, they are just being inside all days, which lead to very worse-balanced. Apart from
that, the old model of economic, agriculture and industry and offline services behinds the time are easily
prevented from developing fast, occupy the very little rate of the whole economy. Particularly, Netflix
makes up more than 15% total worldwide internet information downloaded, which is the giant number
compares with other companies like Youtube with 11,4%.
In case that all the world has recently changed the business model into online version, I suppose to
change the cognition of humanity about that aspect. Like the previous point, not only advantages bring
for us when the change happens but also many negative effects raise. Indeed, people have to expand
their knowledge about economy in the twenty first century, developing and reaching maturity associate
with sensible economic structure. The first and the most important thing to remember is environmental
protection, because the development of the country influence much on the nature. In detail, such as
natural resources supply energy to the country and the inhabitants take the disastrous consequences of
the climate change. Another key point is reducing the distance between the rich and the poor.
Speciffically, the characteristic of humanity should be changed to be perfect in both constitution and
spirit. In general, the problem can be resolved by education, start with the young generation then
continue with the older. To achieve the purpose, there must be a sustainable, accurate upbringing,

zealously help non - profit organization and non - government organization to share the information,
orient the young in the right direction. All things considered to start by education to change the aware of
According to the way acknowledge worldwide economic, I evaluate success and failure aren't completely
different from each other. In my opinion, success is the satisfaction of walks of life, possessions,
relationships and happiness. Life is the long road and success is the target, when people touch the aim
which make them start, they're success. Even the short - term or long - term goal, they're still success.
Alternatively, failure is mistakes, which have a really bad consequence on human's life, they make when
they're in the road to success. Namely, getting the sack, not finishing the works in the specific period of
time, not preparing considerate for the functions, etc are some temporary failures people easily commit.
From success, I can learn how to stand up after the failure, success is the happiness help me to be more
comfortable with beloved failure, so I continue to walk on my own road. However, when I failure, I tend
to learn many things neccessary for me to not fail once more time by the same mistake. In conclusion,
success and failure have close ties which give me many useful lesson to help me to grow up.

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