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Question in 16

Question in 16/08/2014:
Task 2: In some countries, governments are encouraging industries and businesses to move
out of the cities and into regional areas. Do you think the advantages outweigh the
Many people argue that governments should encourage industries and businesses to move
from cities tolocal areas. =>It is true that many governments have persuaded industries and
businesses to relocate to the suburban areas.While I accept that there are some benefits, I
believe that these are outweighed by the drawbacks of this trend.
On the one hand, there are some advantages offor industries and businesses to move out
of cities and into local areas. =>On the one hand, the relocation of factories and companies,
without a doubt, may partially help solve many urban problems and improve general living
standards.Firstly, if the organizations move out, cities will not be over-populated.Cities also
have more spaces for building roads and parks, this helps enhance citizen’s livingstandards.
Secondly, governments might create jobsfor local people through the moving of bodies into
rural areas.For example, in my hometown, Nam Dinh province, when Song Hong
Companymoves to there, many people could seek jobs. As a result, it allows them to meet basic
human needsand helps to reduce unemployment rate.
On the other hand, I believe that there are many problems associated with movement of
thebodies into countryside.=>On the other hand, moving industries and businesses to regional
areas is problematic up to a point. One reason is that the movement of these bodies/

organizations from cities to rural areas costs a great deal with themselves and governments,
especially, the industries.They must build new offices and buildings and invest in many things
for operatingwhich not all any bodies can afford. =>In addition to maintenance cost, companies
also need to build new infrastructure and invest in operation cost which may be unaffordable
for many businesses. Furthermore, that transport infrastructure in local areas is not at their
convenience. As a result, it is a task of challenge for the organizations to transport their
products to output places, thus local areas become less attractivefor the businesses.

In conclusion, I believe that the disadvantages of moving out of cities and into rural areas
of the organizations are more than the advantages.


- Introduction:





+ Câu 2 nêurõràngđượcquanđiểmcủabảnthân.
- Body:
+ Câu topic sentence đãbámđượcvào ý củacâu 2
phầnmởbàivànêuđược ý baoquátcủađoạnvăn.
+ Cáccâu idea 1 đãhỗtrợcho ý của topic sentence.
- Conclusion:
Câukếtluận paraphrase đượccâuthứ 2 phầnmởbài
Cohesion and 7.0

- Coherence:
Nhìn chung, bài viết được bố cục “Intro, Body,
Conclusion”. Intro: 2 câu. Body: mỗi body bắt đầu bằng 1 câu
topic sentence. Có các idea hỗ trợ và giải thích. Kết luận: 1 câu
paraphrase câu 2 phần Intro -> ăn điểm phần Coherence
- Cohesion:
+ Ý các câu liên quan đến nhau. Sửdụng linking words tốt.





+ Đãcósửdụng



+ Cấutrúccâuđượcsửdụngđadạng, phongphú
+ Chú ý 1 sốlỗingữpháptrongbài




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