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Example of writing legal memorandum

4. Example of writing legal memorandum
Proper research is the most important aspect of the legal writing process, and it should
always be thoroughly accomplished prior to sitting down to write a legal memorandum. The next
step is to settle on a format. Here are the sections found in the most typical format layout of legal
– Writer’s Heading
– Legal Issue
– Answer
– Statement of Facts
– Discussion
– Conclusion
The next step is to settle on a truly logical pattern that allows the reader to comprehend
the argument. This means that attorneys should not simply write their recollection of events; they
should rather persuade the reader to understand the details of the case and how the law relates or
applies to them.
The heading should include sufficient contact information about the writer and intended
reader in addition to a one-line descriptor of the case. Since each case is bound to produce
multiple legal memorandums, it is always a good idea to establish a numbering sequence in the
The legal issue is written in the form of a question that is answered in the following
section. The statement of facts refers to the objective presentation of information provided by the

client. The discussion that follows the statement of facts should describe the law as it applies to
the case, and it should also state the pros and cons of at least one legal strategy.
The conclusion in a legal memorandum can be merged with the statement of facts,
although readers would appreciate a conclusion that summarizes the entire document and
outlines the legal analysis in a couple of sentences.


S ki lls in w ri ti n g memoran d um


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