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bài tập tiếng Anh 6 Unit 3

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Unit 3 - AT HOME
III. Em hay dat cau hoi cho nhung cau sau.
Vi du :

This is an eraser. What is this ?


My sister is a doctor……………………………………………


There are twenty-nine pupils in my class.
That is my teacher.


These are pencils.


I'm twenty years old.


We are fine, thank you.


His name is Tuan.


We are in our classroom.

9.1 live in Ha Long.
10. Yes, those are our books.
IV. Em hay sap xep nhung cau sau thanh mot bai hoi thoai thich hop.
1.His name is Quang.
2.He is an engineer.
3.Who's that ?
4.An engineer ? And is your father an engineer, too ?
6.What's his name ?
7.Yes, he is.
8.Q-U-A-N-G. Oh, I see. What does he do ?
9.That's my brother.
10. How do you spell it ?

V. Em hay chon dap an dung trong ngoac de hoan thanh
Vi du :

What (is I are) those ?

1. That's my dog. (Its / It's) name is Reck.
2. Where are Mr. and Mrs. Ba ?
- (They're / There) in the yard.
5. (I'm / Am) sixteen years old.
6. (We're / Where) do you live ?

7. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson are in (their / there) house.
8. Are there (fivety / fifty) students in your class ?
9. My brother and (I / me) are in our room.
10. What (do / does) your mother do ?
VII. Em hay dien danh tu so nhieu cua nhung tu trong ngoac
cuoi moi cau vao cho trong de hoan thanh moi cau do.
Vidu : There are five..books., on the table, (book)
1.There are seventy-eight.....in my school, (teacher)
2.Are there two........in your living-room ? (bench)
3.Twenty-two..........are in the classroom, (student)
4. There are five........on the table, (stereo)
5. How many.........are there in her house ? (clock)
6. Forty-seven.........are in our yard, (people)
7. Are there six.........in his room ? (window)
8. Three...................are in their living-room, (engineer)
9. There are four...................in my house, (bookshelf)

10. Are there many..................on your street ? (waste basket)
VIII. Em hay doc doan van sau ve Oscar va gia dinh anh ay sau do tra loi
nhung cau hoi ben duoi.
This is Oscar. He is twenty-three years old and he's an engineer. There are five
people in his family : his father, his mother, his two sisters and he. His father is
fifty-one and he is an engineer, too. His mother is forty-eight years old. She is a
doctor. His sisters are twelve and seventeen. They are students.
1. What is his name ?
2. How old is he ?
3. What does he do ?
4. How many people are there in his family ?
5. How old is his father ?

X. Em hay dien /, we, you, she, he, it, they, my, our, your, her, his, its,
their vao cho trong thich hap trong moi cau sau.
1. I'm Peter. This is____
a doctor.
2. This is Mr. Tan with


3. Mr. and Mrs. Kent are in my living-room,
three people in__________family.
4. What's this ?__________is a couch.
5. How old are__________, Linh and Lan ?
-__________are five years old.
6. What are those ? ___________are rulers.

name is Maria.

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