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ES 3 - GRADE 8
I. Pick out the word that has the stress pattern different from that of other words by circling letter
A, B, C or D.
1. A. ancestor

B. curious

C. heritage

D. tradition

2. A. diversity

B. minority

C. socialize

D. addicted

3. A. buffalo

B. recognize

C. convenient

D. cultural

4. A. complicated

B. community

C. majority

D. communicate

5. A. satisfied

B. nomadic

C. generous

D. socialise

6. A. festival

B. history

C. station

D. resource

7. A. begin

B. important

C. devote

D. statue

8. A. convince

B. ugly

C. weather

D. customer

9. A. flourishing

B. bicycle

C. impress

D. caution

10. A. celebration

B. production

C. competition

D. anniversary

11. A. cartoon

B. honor

C. culture

D. honest

12. A. character

B. adventure

C. library

D. knowledge

13. A. discovery

B. calculator

C. airplane

D. difficulty

14. A. Argentina

B. understand

C. lemonade

D. Australia

15. A. husband

B. married

C. cassette

D. beautiful

16. A. teammate

B. include

C. canoe

D. reduce

17. A. directory

B. generous

C. accessible

D. traditional

18. A. product

B. celebration

C. Vietnamese

D. engineer

19. A. directory

B. experiment

C. commercial

D. engineer

20. A. stationary

B. emigrate

C. orphanage

D. exhibition

21. A. affect

B. pollute

C. effect

D. litter

22. A. cholera

B. pollutant

C. permanent

D. groundwater

23. A. radiation

B. political

C. historical

D. contaminant

24. A. seriously

B. measurement

C. scientific

D. logical

25. A. aquatic

B. historic

C. physical

D. botanical

26. A. accent

B. legend

C. icon

D. parade

27. A. schedule

B. unique

C. puzzle

D. awesome

28. A. absolutely

B. temperature

C. contamination

D. atmosphere

29. A. kangaroo

B. underground

C. radioactive

D. Aborigines

30. A. definition

B. improvement

C. population

D. celebration


31. A. collapse

B. damage

C. erupt

D. affect

32. A. disaster

B. eruption

C. pollution

D. permanent

33. A. volcano

B. temperature

C. illustrate

D. station

34. A. tsunami

B. typhoon

C. thunderstorm

D. tornado


A. accommodation

B. contribution

C. evacuation

D. contamination

36. A. disaster

B. pollution

C. permanent

D. eruption

37. A. volcano

B. illustrate

C. aquatic

D. official

38. A. tornado

B. typhoon

C. earthquake

D. tsunami

39. A. radiation

B. groundwater

C. absolutely

D. terribly

40. A. poisonous

B. natural

C. dramatic

D. logical

41. A. appliance

B. activity

C. adventure

D. average

42. A. favorite

B. government

C. influence

D. identity

43. A. economic

B. volcanic

C. disappointed

D. scientific

44. A. reputation

B. description

C. suggestion

D. pollution

45. A. magazine

B. picture

C. documentary

D. entertain

46. A. consequently

B. advantage

C. apologise

D. complain

47. A. relationship

B. arrangement

C. challenging

D. eliminate

48. A. prescription

B. profession

C. mechanic

D. calculate

49. A. Japanese

B. English

C. Indian

D. American

50. A. emphasize

B. equipment

C. improvement

D. distinguish

51. A. continent

B. cinema

C. elephant

D. computer

52. A. receptionist

B. biography

C. disqualify

D. operation

53. A. goodbye

B. hello

C. problem

D. correct

54. A. morning

B. evening

C. Monday

D. mistake

55. A. cinema

B. computer

C. professor

D. banana

56. A. average

B. aquatic

C. athletic

D. available

57. A. schedule

B. report

C. promise

D. orbit

58. A. potential

B. delicate

C. apprentice

D. astonished

59. A. signature

B. scholarship

C. terminus

D. transaction

60. A. technique

B. treatment

C. guidance

D. plastic

II. Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Identify your answer by
circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D.
1. A. sound
2. A. tool

B. cloud
B. noon

C. found
C. door

D. favourite
D. school

3. A. know
4. A. crafts
5. A. mention
6. A. country
7. A. camel
8. A. populated

9. A. fields
10. A. normal
11. A. leisure
12. A. community
13. A. minority
14. A. recognised
15. A. education
16. A. stripe
17. A. honey
18. A. suitable
19. A. youth
20. A. washed
21. A. algal
22. A. thermal
23. A. pollution
24. A. untreated
25. A. physical
26. A. algal
27. A. thermal
28. A. pollution
29. A. untreated
30. A. physical
31. A. other
32. A. television
33. A. explain
34. A. threaten
35. A. deaf
36. A. allow
37. A. exhausted
38. A. mood

39. A. Dutch
40. A. descent
41. A. hands
42. A. frightened
43. A. fluoride
44. A. stack
45. A. agent

B. show
B. comics
B. question
B. cloud
B. cattle
B. loaded
B. flowers
B. visitor
B. pleasure
B. computer
B. ethnic
B. designed
B. question
B. string
B. donkey
B. situation
B. cloth
B. handed
B. aquatic
B. thankful
B. earplug
B. measure

B. visual
B. aquatic
B. thankful
B. earplug
B. measure
B. visual
B. leather
B. elephant
B. current
B. thread
B. leaf
B. follow
B. hour
B. moon
B. Russian
B. dissent
B. occasions
B. stamped
B. lid
B. slash
B. engine

C. now
C. streets
C. action
C. loudly
C. paddy
C. harvested
C. lemons
C. transport

C. ensure
C. museum
C. tradition
C. displayed
C. pollution
C. spring
C. money
C. regulation
C. bathe
C. laughed
C. contaminate
C. there
C. dump
C. pleasure
C. music
C. contaminate
C. there
C. dump
C. pleasure
C. music
C. wealthy
C. section
C. desire
C. seat
C. meat
C. yellow
C. honest
C. soon
C. just
C. discontent

C. associates
C. walked
C. arid
C. swamp
C. regard

D. low
D. stamps
D. education
D. mouse
D. buffalo
D. lived
D. parks
D. chore
D. measure
D. curious
D. religion
D. entered
D. collection
D. trip
D. survey
D. customer
D. month
D. helped
D. permanent
D. thorough
D. dust
D. bread
D. because
D. permanent

D. thorough
D. dust
D. bread
D. because
D. brother
D. Swedish
D. electric
D. bread
D. heat
D. fellow
D. house
D. good
D. use
D. continent
D. others
D. laughed
D. hidden
D. stamp
D. surgeon

46. 21. A. gives

B. phones

C. switches

D. dives

47. 22. A. watched

B. crashed

C. occupied

D. coughed

48. 23. A. studies

B. flourishes

C. finishes


49. 24. A. hears

B. thanks

C. blows

D. coincides

50. 25. A. started

B. looked

C. decided


51. 26. A. designed
52. 27. A. stops
53. 28. A. cats
54. 29. A. agreed

B. preserved

C. sawed

D. guided

B. climbs

C. pulls

D. televisions

C. rides

D. cooks

B. tapes
B. missed

C. liked


55. 30. A. measured

B. pleased

C. distinguished

56. 31. A. practised

B. amused

C. advertised

D. managed

57. 32. A. embarrassed

B. astonished

C. surprised


58. 33. A. walks
59. 34. A. shoots

B. begins
B. grounds

C. helps

D. cuts

C. concentrates


60. 35. A. practiced

B. raised

C. rained

D. followed

61. 36. A. concealed

B. fined

C. resembled

62. 37. A. tells

B. talks

C. stays

D. steals

63. 38. A. hours

B. fathers

C. dreams

D. thinks



64. 39. A. laughed

B. ploughed

C. coughed


65. 40. A. imagined

B. punished

C. diseased

D. determined

66. 41. A. examined

B. released

C. serviced

D. ceased

67. 42. A. diseases

B. pleases

C. loses


B. buses

C. lorries


68. 43. A. bushes


69. 44. A. expelled

B. dismissed

C. encountered

D. returned

70. 45. A. biscuits

B. magazines

C. newspapers

D. vegetables
71. 46. A. filled
72. 47. A. chased

B. landed
B. wished

C. suited

D. crooked

C. pursued


73. 48. A. beds

B. doors

C. plays

D. students

74. 49. A. preferred

B. worked

C. fixed

D. fetched

75. 50. A. completes

B. engines

C. taxis

D. ferries

76. 51. A. difficulties

B. enriches

C. classes

D. enlarges

77. 52 A. characters

B. problems

C. retreats

D. universities

78. 53. A. shipped

B. hitchhiked

C. traced

D. repainted
79. 54. A. caused

B. promised

C. kissed


B. burgled

C. robbed


80. 55. A. listened

81. 56. A. gossiped
82. 57. A. passes

B. rumoured

C. remembered

B. challenges

D. threatened

C. sexes

D. tomatoes
83. 58. A. arms
84. 59. A. worried

B. suits
B. bored

C. chairs

D. boards

C. disappointed


85. 60. A. licks

B. risks

C. leans

D. drops

86. 61. A. supposedly

B. rubbed

C. played

D. believed

87. 62. A. relieves

B. invents

88. 63. A. comes

B. rolls

C. buys

D. deals

C. takes

D. drives
89. 64. A. recognized


B. organized

C. pronounced


90. 65. A. dreams

D. tasks


B. heals

C. kills