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Bài tập củng cố kiến thức lớp 10(Unit 1-3)+kèm đáp án

Bµi tËp cñng cè –Ch ¬ng tr×nh líp 10(Unit 1-3)
I-Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced
differently from the rest:
1-A-pedal B-develop C-semester D-expense
2-A-peace B-repeat C-threaten D-easing
3-A-basket B-examine C-practise D-programme
4-A-sudden B-buffalo C-interrupt D-occupy
5-A-sixteen B-career C-receive D-equal
6-A-bench B-attend C-educate D-subject
7A-romantic B-mature C-mathematics D-humanity
8-A-says B-said C-saint D-salad
9-A-breath B-breakfast C-already D-dream
10-A-married B-many C-caculate D-Japan
II-Choose the best answer for each of the following sentence:
1-The government has sent ……aid to the refugees.
A-human B-humane C-humanitarian D-humanity
2-“Are you singer or married?” is to ask about one’s…….
A-occupation B-marital status C-address D-nationality
3-When he graduated from university he got his …….
A-diploma B-certificate C-degree D-bachelor
4-“…….do you borrow this science book?”

-“To read more about Marie Curie’s life”.
A-what B-why C-when D-which
5-She likes her children…..to the dentist every six months.
A-go B-to go C-going D-to going
6-We were not hungry. We …..a big breakfast.
A-just had B-have just had C-were just having D-had just had
7-Please don’t …..to stamp on the letter I gave you to post.
A-remind B-realize C-forget D-remember
8-He will ring up when he …….in Paris.
A-arrives B-will arrive C-arrived D-would arrive
9-Your windows need …..at least once a year.
A-cleaning B-to clean C-being cleaned D-have cleaned
10-I……..much better after I ………the medicine.
A-felt/had taken B-felt/took C-had felt/took D-had felt/had taken
11-It was raining hard, so we decided ………
A-not going B-not to go C-to not go D-not go
12-My little daughter…….whenever she ……sad movies.
A-is crying/sees B-cried/sees C-cries/sees D-cries/saw
13-I finally finished …….at seven and served dinner.
A-cooking B-to cook C-being cooked D-to be cooked
14-By the time he reached the dentist’s ,the pain in his tooth……..
A-stops B-was stopping C-had stopped D-has stopped
15-It……him 30 minutes ……..to school every morning.
A-take/to walk B-took /walked C-takes/walkD-takes/to walk
16-She received………the airport……..exactly 5 o’clock.
A-in/at B-at/at C-at/in D-in/in
17-Alice didn’t expect ….to Bill’s party.
A-asking B-to ask C-to be asked D-being asking
18-…….times do I have to tell you not to leave your wet shoes on……kitchen floor.
A-how much/the B-how many/the C-how many/a D-how long/the
19-They said it was the loveliest city they……….
A-ever see B-have ever seen C-ever saw D-had ever seen
20-“I’m thisty”-“…….some beer?”.
A-would you like B-do you like C-why don’t you D-let’s
III-Identify the underlined word(s) or phrase(s) that must be changed in order
for the sentence to be correct.
1-She studied English for the last 2 years and she is doing a six month course now
2-Three years ago,he had been a student at a university in California.

3-Mary had prepared a 3-courses dinner when we arrived, so we were able to eat
immediately A B C D
4-After Dave is going to break the track record next month,many universities
will offer him scholarships of $10,000.
5-She lived in London for 2 years and then moved to Paris.She now has two
3-room house there.
IV-Choose the word which best fits each of the gap of the passage :
It was just before the Second World War.Tom was only 20 at the…(1)and
was living with his mother.He was working in a bank and …(2)….to London
everyday.One morning,he received a …(3)…letter.It was addressed to “Mr
Thomas Parker”.the letter, which was….(4)”A friend”,asked Tom to go to the
Crown Inn during his lunch hour.All moring,as he was dealing with…(5)Tom was
wondering whether he….(6)do this.
At lunch time he decided to go to the inn.It was full of people and Tom
couldn’t…(7)anyone.He was wondering if he should leave when a stranger
introduced himself and said he…(8)Tom’s father,…..(9)had died when Tom was a
baby.The stranger explained that Tom’father,Bill,was a secret agent in the Fisrt
World War .(10)……of this meeting,Tom became a secret agent too and was
working in France when the war began.
1-A-year B-time C-period D-decade
2-traveling B-walking C-hiking D-making
3-A-mystery B-secret C-secretive D-mysterious
4-A-closed B-enclosed C-signed D-written
5-A-guests B-passagers C-shoppers D-customers
6-A-could B-should C-ought to D-must
7-A-realise B-see C-recognise D-discover
8-A-had known B-knew C-was known D-undestood
9-A-that B-whom C-the one D-who
10-A-as a matter B-as a result C-in spite D-capable

§¸p ¸n bµi tËp cñng cè líp 10(Unit 1-3)
1-B 2-C 3-A 4-D 5-B
6-C 7-B 8-C 9-A 10-B
II-Choose one best answer:
1-C 2-B 3-C 4-B 5-B
6-D 7-C 8-A 9-A 10-A
11-B 12-C 13-A 14-C 15-D
16-B 17-C 18-B 19-D 20-A
III-Correct mistakes:
1-A(has studied) 2-B(was) 3-B(3-course)
4-A(breaks) 5-D(3-room houses)
IV-Reading comprehension:
1-B 2-A 3-D 4-C 5-D
6-B 7-C 8-A 9-D 10-B

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