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Give correct forms of the verbs

Give the correct form of the verbs (Englsh 8)
1.The sun always (rise) in the east. Look, it (rise)!
2. I don’t think I (go) out tonight. I’m too tired.
3. Where you (spend) your summer holiday last year, Tam?
4. In my country, it (not rain) much in winter.
5. Let’s wait for Lien (arrive) and we (have) dinner.
6. The moon (move) around the earth.
7. Mai (be) very happy when she (receive) a letter from her sister this morning.
8. Would you like (join) my class next Sunday? We (visit) the local museum.
9. My father (read) now. He always (read) a book after dinner.
10. A friend of my brother’s (call) him last night, but he (not be) at home. So I (take) a
message for him.
11. - Are you busy this evening?
- Yes, I (meet) Tuan at the library at seven. We (study) together.
12. Mai (telephone) you when she comes back.
13. When we (be) small, our family (live) in the countryside.
14. Miss Trang is in hospital.
- Yes, I know. I (visit) her tomorrow.
15. I (read) an interesting book at the moment. I (lend) it to you when I finish it.
16. Look at those black clouds. It (rain).
17. I (not invite) her to the party because I (forget) her phone number.

18. Look! Our new teacher (come). She (have) long, black hair.
19. The boys like (play) games but (hate) do lessons.
20. Please stop (talk); I (try) (finish) a letter to the Y&Y Green Group.
21. His doctor advised him (give up) (smoke).
22. By (work) day and nihgt he succeeded in (finish) the job in time.
23. There (be) many volunteers in Sea Games 22
in Viet Nam in 2003.
24. How long you (know) Mrs. Chi?
- I (know) her for five years.
25. Your dog ever (bite) anyone?
- Yes, he (bite) a policeman last week.
26. We (not see) her since we (be) on holiday in Ha Long Bay.
27. Phuong (not finish) her homework yet.
28. Would you like some coffee? I just (make) some.
29. She (feed) the cat yet?
- Yes, she (feed) it half an hour ago.
30. The weather (become) colder and colder in December.
31. He (cut) my hair too short.
- Don’t worry; it (grow) again very quickly.
32.I (not go) out this evening. I (stay) at home.
33. The film (begin) at 7.30 or 8.00?
34. You (be) away?
- Yes. I (go) to the country last Sunday.
35. They just (phone) to say that they (not come) back till Friday night.
36. My uncle (not visit) us since he (move) to the new town.
37. You should practice (speak) English every day.
38. The movie (start) at 8.15 this evening.
39. We already (finish) the first semester exams.
40. Mr. Binh (learn) Chinese at school, but he (forget) most of it.
41. We (have) a party next Sunday. Would you like (come)?
42. While my sister and I (watch) a movie on TV last night, our uncle in the USA (phone).
43. Please continue your work; We don’t mind (wait).
44. Ha Long Bay in Viet Nam (be) a World Herritage Site. It (visit) by millions of people
every year.
45. If Mr. Lam (go) to Paris next week, he (see) the Eiffel Tower.
46. I myself (witness) an accident on the Main Road yesterday. A boy (knock) down by a
car. Then he (take) to the nearest hospital
47. Most of the Earth’s surface (cover) by water.
48. The first festival (hold) nearly eight hundred years ago.
49. There’s someone behind us. I think we (follow).
50. An interesting book (read) by Lan at the moment.
51. This bike (use) for more than six years.
52. Nowadays, many historical places (destroy) seriously.
53. A new text book (publish) next month.
54. The Eiffel Tower is in Paris. It (visit) by millions of people every year.
55. Since the 1980s more and more paper (recycle).
56. Tet holiday in Viet Nam (celebrate) around January and February.
57. Last night when we (visit) him, he (do) an experiment on the upstair.
58. I (not see) your uncle recently.
- No. He (not go) out since he (buy) a new color television.
59. Look! The athletes (march) proudly behind their flag.
60. She (not see) that film before.
61. Listen! Why they (cry)? What (happen) to the?
62. As soon as her mother (come) home, all her friends (call) her.
63. She (come) to see you if she arrives here.
64. When I was younger , I (play) football but now I don’t.
65. I (work) on a farm once and had to get up at 5 every morning. It was difficult at first as I
(not get up) so early.
66. Cuckoos (not build) nests. They (use) the nests of other birds.
67. I (wear) my sunglasses today because the sun is very strong.
68. I wish that dog (lie down). He (keep) jumping up on my feet. I (think) he (want) to go for
a walk.
69. I (lie) in the beach when the phone (ring). It (stop) after a few rings.
70. It (be) cold when we (leave) the house that day, and a light snow (fall).
71. I (walk) along the street when I suddenly (feel) something hit me in the back. I (not
know) what it was.
72. When I (see) the man, he (stand) outside the bank. He (have)a cap on.
73. When I (open) the cupboard door, a pile of books (fall) out.
74. I can’t help (feel) anxious about her study.
75. Most people prefer (ride) to (walk).

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