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Revision-Unit 9 (N2)

English 9 (Unit 9 ) N2
I.Combine these sentences using Who, whom , which, when or where:
1.He gave me the tickets.He bought them yesterday
2.That colorful poster attracts young pupils .They have just left their
3.The dog is a big one.The dog is playing with a ball
4. She is riding on the elephant.It was carried fromindin
5.The acrobat is his uncle .We saw him on TV last night .
6.She wear the uniform .It was made last week.
7.They tell her about the film.They saw it on TV last night.
8.The woman was a tiger –tamer. You met her at the gate.
9. The letter is from London.Our sister is reading it.
10.The chair is broken on pieces.Her father used to sit on it.
II.Fill in the blank with: “ who ,whom ,which ,where or when”
1.The book……….he is reading is on rubber trees
2.Do you know the boy …….the police are looking for?.
3.Do you know the name of the boy…….hepled us yesterday?.
4.They gave flowers to the girl …….they admired a lot.
5.The bear ………is kept in this struck is from Africa.
6. I’ll always remember the day…….I first saw that sight .
7.They march in the streets……..the first May Day meeting was held

hundred years ago.
8.Teacher ‘s Day is the day……..pupils show their gratitude to their
9.The celeberation has been organized in a city…..it is sunny almost
every day of the year.
10.He did his research in a pulic library……most of books on science
are kept for reference.
III.Choose the best anwser A,B,C or D :
1.He bought a lot of things: notebooks, pens,………pencils from the
A. but B.or C. and D.so
2.It was raining hard,I think we……home and watch TV
A.however B.but C.because D.so
3.Tommy suggested………..a pair of shoes for Dad on his birthday
A.buying B.buy C.to buy D.bought
4.Children laughed……..when they were watching a comic.
A.happiness B.happy C.happily D.unhappy
5.If it continutes to rain’i think we …….hme and watch TV.
A.would stay ; Bwill stay; C.used to stay; D.stay
6.They are talking about the celebration………is going to be held at
the end of the month.
A .this b.then C.who D.which
7.If a disaster……in an area’ people from other areas will offer help
A.happens B.will happen C.happening D.would happen
8.There is too much traffic,……,the air is polluted
A.However B.Since C.Therefore D.But
9.she goes to the liblary three time a week.She …….reads books there
A.never B.often C.rarely D.once
10.A disatrous volcanic eruption happened in the Philippes….1991.
A.on Bin C .at D.since
IV.Supply the correct verbs form:
1.If Ba (come)here tomorrow,I’ll phone you
2.Nhan used to (go) to the sea when she lived in Hai Phong
3.Nam suggested(take)showers instead of baths to save water
4.Nga’s house (build) in 1995
5.Tom enjoys(collect)strange stamps
6.If people (save)energy ,there will be no shortage of electricity
7.The principal(talk) to our teacher when he arrived
8.My uncle (live) in HoChi Minh Citysince last year
9.Up to now ,I do every exercise in this book
10.The pupils (learn)this lesson when he (come)
V.Read the followimg passageand do the excersebelow it:
There are many celebration throughout the year of Viet Nam, but
Tet or the Lunar New Year is the most important celebration for
VNamese people .Tet usualy occurs in late January or early
February.A few days before Tet sis the time for people to clean and
decorate their homes.During Tet, people, oid and young,enjoy
specialfood cooked on these occation of Tet.It is also the time for
family member to be together.
*Write TRUE or FALSE after the statements about the passage:
1.The Lunar New Year is another name for Tet ……………..
2.Tet may begin in early January. …………….
3.People try to make their houses nice and new for Tet…………….
4.Tet is the time for family reunion. …………….
The end

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