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FCE Speaking Part 3 and 4 teacher handbook 08

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21 Jon’s café

Parts 3 and 4

7 minutes (9 minutes for groups of three)

Part 3

Now, I’d like you to talk about something together for about three minutes.
(4 minutes for groups of three)

I’d like you to imagine that a local café wants to attract more people. Here are
some of the suggestions they are considering.

Place Part 3 booklet, open at Task 21, in front of the candidates.

First, talk to each other about how successful these suggestions might be. Then
decide which two would attract most people.

All right?

 3 minutes
(4 minutes for
groups of three)


Thank you. (Can I have the booklet, please?) Retrieve Part 3 booklet.

Part 4

Select any of the following questions, as appropriate:

• Would you like to spend time in a café like this?
…… (Why? / Why not?)

• Would you like to work in a café?
…… (Why? / Why not?)

• What sort of restaurants are most popular with visitors in your country? ……

• What sort of things do people complain about in cafés and restaurants?

• Young people usually go to different places to relax than older people. Why
do you think that is?

• Some people say that going out to relax is a waste of time and money. Do you
agree? …… (Why? / Why not?)

Thank you. That is the end of the test.

Select any of the following
prompts, as appropriate:

• What do you think?
• Do you agree?
• And you?

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