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Đề thi HSG tiếng anh lớp 12 tỉnh tiền giang (2007)

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SỞ GIÁO DỤC & ĐÀO TẠO Độc lập - Tự do - Hạnh phúc

Khóa ngày 30 tháng 10 năm 2007
Đề chính thức Môn : ANH VĂN
Thời gian làm bài: 180 phút ( không kể thời gian giao đề )
( Đề gồm 5 trang )
Question 1 : Listen to the passage in the tape two times then state whether the following
sentences are TRUE or FALSE :
1. A lot of the changes in American family in the last 30 or 40 years are similar to those in
Viet Nam and in other parts of the world .
2. One- fifths of marriages in the United States ends in divorce .
3. Our father often helps our mother in doing the housework .
4. Children in the United States have more opportunities to take part in activities outside
the homes today .
Question 2 : Listen to the passage in the tape two times then pick out the information to
answer the questions :
1. The main food of many people in the desert comes from the………………….
2. This kind of fruit contains a lot of ……………………….
3. In the Gobi desert, goats provide people with …………………….
4. In the desert, it’s safer for people to get water from the ………………… than from
some cacti .
Question 3 :Pick out ONE best option ( A,B,C or D ) to complete each blank :
1. I borrowed my sister $100 because I was…………… money .
A. short in B. short of
C. short on D. short for
2. Everyone in our family says best wishes to…………… in the early morning of the first
day of the New Year.

A. ourselves B. themselves
C. one another D. the others
3. Peter is a criminal. He…………a bank last year.
A. stole B. had stolen
C. robbed D. had robbed
4. I’m afraid there are no seats left .Every seat was ………………
A. reserved B. served
C. full D. used
5. Mrs.Jefferson ……………her students to keep out of the savage dog .
A. predicted B. warned
C. alarmed D. frightened
6. Please …………your hand if you agree with my proposal.
A. rise B. pitch up
C. raise D. show
7. Alice finally……… the job because she couldn’t stand its high pressure anymore.
A. admitted B. accepted
C. adopted D. quit
8. ………….my sisters and brothers, I’d like to thank for your warm reception.
A. Instead of B. On behalf of
C. On account of D. In front of
Question 4 : Pick out ONE option ( A,B,C or D ) which needs to be changed to make a correct
sentence :
1. A lot of people prefer to go to Đa Lat at Christmas .
2. They visited these beautiful views while they lived in England .
3. She has changed a lot of jobs since she has graduated university five years ago.
4. These children were brought back by their grandparents when young.

5. Buffaloes have been tamed for over 5,000 years ago .
6. Liquids take the shape of any container of which they are placed.
7. A good carpentry must possess a wide variety of skills.
8. The temperature changes very great between the lighted side and the dark side of
the moon.
Question 5 : Complete these sentences, using the suitable form of the words in brackets :
1. There will be a special ………….for these patients of bird flu.( separated )
2. I think you should write something more for your instruction. It is ……….( complete )
3. ……….is very important in scientific experiments .( accurate )
4. ……….is a person who follows or attends a course for doing something.( train )
5. I don’t want to go at first, but later I have to because of her……… ( persuade )
6. The ………. problem should be solved before the end of this month.( theory )
7. The forest fire seemed to be……… by the rain yesterday.( weak )
8. They worked …………after their demand had been refused.( patient )
Question 6 : Complete these sentences with proper prepositions or adverbs :
1. This word has a lot of meanings.You should look it……in a dictionary.
2. Jenny usually comes back her country………Christmas Day.
3. Don’t use pencils.Please write the letter…… ink.
4. My father made …… his mind to settle in the South.
5. Did you pick …….lots of English while you were in England?
6. Minh couldn’t start his motor engine.I think it ran…….fuel.
7. A thief broke into his office last night and stole all money…… the safe.
8. Time is off now.Please hand …… your papers.
Question 7 : Match each of these short articles ( 1- 8 ) with its related main idea ( A – J ) :

1. Kangaroos come from Australia.They can jump very fast using their strong hind
legs.Their front legs are like arms and have sharp claws.A mother kangaroo has a
pouch.This is where the baby kangaroo, also known as the joey, stays to drink its
milk.This is also where it sleeps and spends most of its time until it is too big for the
2. The children loved Mr Flash very much.He was a magician. He lived in their village .Mr
Flash always performed magic tricks for the children. He always had new tricks for
them. The children crowded round his window every morning and waited for Mr Flash
to start his tricks. Mr Flash never got angry with the children. He knew that they loved
his tricks.
3. Henry likes to read. He reads books, comics, magazines and the newspaper. Henry is
very good at writing stories. He gets his ideas from what he has read. His teacher always
reads his stories to the class. His friends also like his stories.Sometimes, they ask him to
read to them. They like Henry’s interesting stories.
4. There is a library near my house. Many people go to the library. Some go there to
borrow books, others read the books there. There are also people who watch videos at
the library. The library is a quiet place. No one talks loudly at the library. Children are
not allowed to run around in the library. They must sit quietly or they will be asked to
leave. I like going to the library as it is a good place for me to do my homework and
study. I also like to borrow many books from the library.
5. Pandas come from the mountains of China. They are black and white and have black
patches on both their eyes. They are very good at climbing.The small pandas climb up
bamboo trees as they love to eat bamboo shoots. The big pandas pull down the shoots as
they are too heavy to climb the thin trees. They also eat small animals. In the zoos,
pandas eat fruits. They are kept in enclosures that look like their homes in the mountains
of China.
6. Mr Lam and his family are moving to a new place. They already packed their belongings
and are waiting for the movers to come and help them to transport the things to their new

Finally, the movers come. They carry the things carefully onto the lorry at the car park.
Then, they arrange the things neatly so that they will not move about when the lorry is
moving. Finally, the lorry driver gets into the driver’s seat and starts the lorry. Mr Lam
and his family get into the family car and drive to their new house.
7. “ Look! There is a bird building a nest in that tree,” said Ginny excitedly. Ginny and her
friend, Nora, hid quietly behind a bush. They wanted to watch the bird building its nest
and did not want to frighten it away. “ Look at how fast it is weaving the straws into its
nest ,”Nora said.” It is going to lay some eggs. Soon, we will see a few baby birds in that
tree ,”Ginny said eagerly.
8. Last year, Chinese New Year fell on February. A few days before the New Year ,
Vincent and his family went shopping for new clothes and shoes. His mother bought
some cloth to sew new curtains for their home. His sister helped their mother to bake
cookies. On New Year’s Eve, his mother cooked a lot of delicious food for the reunion
dinner. That day, the whole family swept, mopped and cleaned the whole house. They
also decorated the house beautifully.
A. A good place for those who like reading and working quietly.
B. Nature always brings excitement and joyfulness to everyone.
C. Who was the best friend of the children in the village?
D. Do you know that bamboo trees are their favourite food ?
E. Millions of young people all over the world love pop music.
F. It is the typical animal that only exists in Australia but nowhere else.
G. Is moving to a new house an easy or difficult work for the family?
H. Reading is not only a good habit for writers but also for students.
I. Which is the most popular means of transport ? By train or by lorry ?
J. The happiness for the whole family- Preparing for the New Year Celebration .
Question 8 : Fill in each of the numbered blank with ONE suitable word to complete the
meaning of the passage :
In many old cities in Europe, there are narrow roads with many shops lying together along

the two sides. These commercial places are not so ( 1 ) and convenient as those called
shopping ( 2 ) in modern cities, especially in the suburbs of the big cities in the United States.
Shopping centres have ( 3 ) rapidly because of the shift of the population to the suburb, the
growing use of and dependence upon the automobiles and the heavy traffic in ( 4 ) areas. A
shopping centre is a large group of stores facing a huge central mall which may be covered,
heated and air-conditioned. A shopping centre is also surrounded by a ( 5 ) area with space for
thousands of cars.
We can buy all kinds of food and get ( 6 ) we need in a shopping centre. Unlike a
supermarket where groceries are chiefly sold, a shopping centre provides us with all services
( 7 ) food. We can get our hair cut, eyes tested, clothes washed, we can book our tickets for a
world tour and even enroll in special classes. Shopping centre are therefore, very convenient
for the ( 8 ) , but they lack” the sense of closeness” as felt in older commercial centres.
Question 9 : These paragraphs of the passage below ( A – H ) are in disorder and illogical
Rearrange them into a good logical passage ( 1 – 8 ) :
A. One evening in October, Hannah was at work. As usual she was going to meet
Jamie at 5.30. It was dark and it was raining. She looked at her watch. It was
5.20! She was going to be late! She ran to her car and got in. At 5.25 she was
driving along the High Street. She was going very fast because she was in a
B. Two hours later a police car arrived at Hannah’s house. A policewoman knocked
at the door. “Good evening, Madam,” she said.”Are you Hannah Davis? I’d like
to speak to you. Can I come in?”
C. Hannah met Jamie in the summer of 2004. It was Hannah 21
birthday and she
and her friends went to a club. They wanted to dance, but they didn’t like the
music so Hannah went to speak to the DJ. “This music is awful,” she said.”Could
you play something else?” The DJ looked at her and said,”Don’t worry, I have a
perfect song for you.”
D. When Hannah and her friends left the club, the DJ was waiting at the door. “Hi,

I’m Jamie,”he said to Hannah.”Can I see you again?” So Hannah gave him her
phone number.
E. Suddenly, a man ran across the road. He was wearing a dark coat so Hannah
didn’t see him until it was too late. Although she tried to stop, she hit the man.
Hannah panicked. She didn’t stop and she drove to the coffee bar as fast as she
F. Two minutes later he said:”The next song is by Coldplay. It’s called Yellow and
it’s for a beautiful girl who’s dancing over there.”Hannah knew that the song was
for her because she was wearing a yellow dress.
G. Next day Jamie phoned Hannah and invited her to dinner. He took her to a very
romantic French restaurant and they talked all evening. After that, Jamie and
Hannah saw each other every day. Every evening when Hannah finished work
they met at 5.30 in a coffee bar in the High Street. They were madly in love.
H. But when she arrived Jamie wasn’t there. She phoned him, but his mobile was
turned off, so she waited for ten minutes and then went home.
PART IV : WRITING ( 4 pts. )
Question 10 : Rewrite these sentences, beginning with the words given in such a way that
they remain the same meaning as the old ones :
1. You can call me up at anytime you make up your mind.
2. We flew by aeroplane, otherwise, it would have taken us 2 days to go to Ha Noi by train.
3. He not only failed in his exam but also had a road accident.
Not only……………
4. Man continues to chop down rare timber from forerests.
Rare timber …………
5. They couldn’t come to the office on time even though they left their houses for work very
early .
However …………….

6. The children were so young that they couldn’t understand the danger of the games.
The children were not …………
7. The villagers couldn’t do anything in the terrible flood.
It was …………
8. “Why didn’t you call me up last night,John ?” said Mary.
Mary asked…………
Question 11 : In the last letter, Tim Brown, your pen pal asked you about your plan if you
would pass the entrance exam into a university. Now write a letter to tell him about your
plan.( in about 60 to 80 words ).Finish your letter with:
“I’m looking forward to hearing from you.
Affectionately yours,
Thanh Mai “
( Don’t write your own name and address in the letter.)