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International business Msc 2013 ppt

HEC Paris Campus
The MSc in International Business (MIB) is an intensive
program designed to give participants advanced aca-
demic and practical knowledge in management for an
international career. The HEC MIB therefore becomes
a natural choice for students who have a Bachelor in
Business Administration, excellent track records and
the potential to take on international management res-
The program is highly selective and aims at fostering
students’ international exposure. To do so, we first
ensure that the group formed by students in the pro-
gram is composed of over 30 different nationalities
every year. We have also decided to offer our students
three options when setting up their curriculum: they
can either decide to spend the whole academic year

on the HEC campus, benefit from the CEMS network
or complete our Queen’s Master of Global Management
Double Degree.
The program benefits from in-depth courses taught by
our most research oriented faculty and also from very
close ties with the business community who take part
in courses, skills seminars, consultancy projects and
conferences organized on campus.
Finally, we believe that the curriculum, the internatio-
nal exposure of the program, the involvement of the
business community and the reputation of HEC Paris
as first European Business School since 2006 (FT ran-
king) are the key assets the HEC MIB offers participants from all over the world.
The rich cultural and social environment of nearby Paris will additionally help
make your stay at HEC an enriching experience.
We look forward to welcoming you soon.
Eloïc-Anil Peyrache and Pascal Chaigneau, Academic Directors.
Eloïc-Anil Peyrache,
Academic Director,
Associate Dean
Pascal Chaigneau,
Academic Director
HEC Paris has consistently been ranked the number one Business School in Europe
by the Financial Times since 2006 and topped all the latest rankings of French schools
published by Le Figaro, L’ Étudiant, Le Point, etc.
In addition, HEC Paris is the first Business School in France to have received – as
early as 2000 – the prestigious Triple Crown Academic accreditation: AMBA, EQUIS,
Enjoy the power of the Alumni Network…
Founded in 1883, the HEC Alumni Association is one of the largest in France with
more than 45,000 members in 113 countries. It provides a platform for the exchange
of experiences, ideas and information, facilitates entry into the professional world
and accompanies career advancement. Services and events include career guidance,
personal coaching, career fairs and seminars, monthly meetings with business
leaders and an annual international management forum drawing together major
senior business executives, experts and international business personalities.
In order to ensure HEC Paris’ international reputation and to maintain an active
network, professional groups are organized in 64 countries of which the largest

chapters are in Paris, New York, London, Shanghai and Hong-Kong.
… and that of the HEC Foundation
Thanks to their 4,500 individual donors, their 50 partner companies and their
16 corporate chairs, the HEC Foundation, a non-profit organization of select
corporate members, contributes to the development policy of HEC Paris in the fields
of research, financial assistance to students and campus institutions, the visiting
Professors Program and the development of innovative teaching material and
HEC Paris Program Portfolio
› Master in Management - Grande École Program
› One year full-time Masters Programs
› MBA Program
› Ph.D. Program
› Executive Education Programs:
›› TRIUM Global Executive MBA
›› Executive MBA
›› Executive Masters Programs
›› Open-Enrollment Programs
›› Custom Programs and Coaching.
HEC Paris is ranked #4 in the world and #1 in Europe for the number of alumni
who become CEO of leading international companies (based on Fortune Global 500,
Some examples of Top business careers
› Jean-Paul Agon, CEO, L’Oréal
› Elsa Berry, Managing Director, BNP Paribas, USA
› Pascal Cagni, General Manager and Vice-President, Apple
› Henri de Castries, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO, AXA Group
› Louis Gallois, CEO, EADS
› Leo Lui, CEO, Hermès China
› François-Henri Pinault, Chairman and CEO, PPR Group (Gucci, Puma, Yves Saint
Laurent )
› Beaudoin Prot, CEO, BNP Paribas
› Deepak Rao, Managing director, Goldman Sachs International, Hong Kong
› Stéphane Richard, CEO, France Telecom Orange.
Some examples of Top Governmental careers
› François Hollande, President of France
› Pascal Lamy, Director-General of the World Trade Organization WTO
› Abdoul Mbaye, Prime Minister of Senegal.
Some examples of recent graduates
› Vanessa Balouzet Uchanski, Principal at The Boston Consulting Group, USA
› Laure de Batz, Economist, Société Générale, France
› Christopher Chelius, Manager, A.T. Kearney, UK
› Kris Bjørn Jeppesen, Private Equity / PIA, Goldman Sachs, UK
› Xiaoping Jin, Procurement Analysis, Thales, Singapore
› Cécile Joucan, Sustainable resources manager, LVMH, France
› Séliatou Kayode, Financial Analyst, African Development Bank, Tunisia
› Mustapha Mokass, Public Private Partnership Manager, World Bank Group, USA
› David Oppenheim, Analyst - IB Advisory, HSBC, UK
› Mickael Roger, M&A Analyst, UBS Investment Bank, UK
› Justin Wanecq, Business Analyst, BearingPoint, France
› Kenza Zouari, Cross Assets Sales, Barclays Capital, United Arab Emirates.
Research, the Essence of Management Science
HEC Paris’ faculty is dedicated to pushing the frontier of knowledge in their field
of expertise by actively engaging in research, regular publications in top academic
journals with an international audience and also through active participation in in-
ternational academic conferences. The HEC Faculty has been ranked 3
in Europe by
the Financial Times 2011 ranking for Research.
Thanks to a permanent faculty of 109, holding PhDs from the world’s leading re-
search universities such as Boston College, Cornell, Harvard, McGill, MIT, Prince-
ton, Stanford, UCLA, Wharton, Yale and also from some top European institutions,
HEC Paris offers a broad range of quality programs. 58% are non-French and of
30 different nationalities. Whilst teaching the various programs, they also carry out
research and work in, or act as, consultants for major firms. This ensures that they
are constantly up-to-date with the latest managerial practices.
In addition to the full-time permanent faculty there are 26 Emeritus faculty, 88 Affi-
liate professors, who are generally prominent members of the business community
and who have established a long-term relationship with HEC Paris along with a fur-
ther 47 visiting professors from prestigious universities worldwide.
HEC Faculty teaching in the Program
› V. Bastien, Affiliate Professor in
Marketing, Former CEO, Louis Vuitton
Malletier and YSL Parfums
› P. Chaigneau, Affiliate Professor,
Cross-Departmental Faculty
› E. Cornuel, Affiliate Professor in
Strategy and Business Policy, Director
General and CEO, EFMD
› K. Dahlin, Associate Professor in
the Strategy and Business Policy
› J.M. Gauthier, Affiliate Professor in
Finance, Global Partner for Energy and
Resources, Deloitte
› J. Ghez, Affiliate Professor in
Economics and Decision Sciences,
Research Fellow at RAND Europe and
CEO of Jemstrat
› O. Gottschalg, Associate Professor in
Strategy and Business Policy
› L. Jacque, Affiliate Professor in Finance
at HEC Paris and Fletcher School
(Tufts University)
› E. Matta, Associate Professor in
Management and Human
› T. Michalski, Assistant Professor,
Economics and Decision Sciences
› A. Michaut, Affiliate Professor in
› N. Plambeck, Associate Professor in
Strategy and Business Policy
› E. Simonaska, Affiliate Professor
in Operations Management and
Information Technology
› E.L. Uhlmann, Assistant Professor
in Management and Human

as well as many professionals from top organizations such as AIO Resources,
Crédit Agricole CIB, European Commission, GEMScape Global, Henkel, Mediafin
General profile of 2013 class
› 50% Female
› 50% Male
› Average age: 23
› Average GMAT score: 710
› More than 30 nationalities in the classroom
› Students nationalities:
Institutions of origin (2012-2013)
› The London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
› University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
› Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi, Italy
› Stockholm School of Economics
› Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
› Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
› Bogazici University, Turkey
› Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
› Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
› WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management, Germany
› Babson College, USA
› Georgetown University, USA
› New York University, USA
› University of Southern California, USA
› McGill University, Canada
› University of Western Ontario - Richard Ivey School of Business, Canada
› Renmin University of China
› National University of Singapore
› Singapore Management University
› National Taiwan University
› University of Delhi, India

Our ambition for the MSc in International Business is to shape top international
managers and prepare them for the challenges of a steadily evolving, multi-
cultural business world. Therefore, they must have acquired all the fundamentals of
management before joining the program. The MIB then becomes a natural choice for
a student who desires to take on international management functions.
The MIB requires 90 credits ECTS. The curriculum focuses on giving MIB students
all the academic knowledge and practical experience in management for an
international career.
› The Block Seminar hinges around academic courses, case studies, corporate
representatives’ lectures and teamwork
› Courses are interactive in format and interdisciplinary in content
› Consultancy Projects are real life business experiences. Students act as consul-
tants in partnership with a company to address one of their key strategic pro-
blems. Students work in groups of 3 to 5 and are tutored by the company and a
professor from HEC
› Certificate Programs, sponsored by a company, are a set of interdisciplinary
courses corresponding to approximately 100 contact hours as well as business
projects and other types of field work related to a given sector. Each student joins
one certificate and will be awarded an additional HEC certificate if he/she
validates all the requirements
› Skills Seminars are designed to help participants prepare for an international career
› Master Thesis and Internship. Students are required to write a Master Thesis and
must also complete a minimum of 16 weeks of internship, in France or abroad. A
full-time job offer counts as internship experience
› Conferences. Professionals specialized in International Management, Consulting
and Finance are invited to give lectures on current economic and strategic issues
throughout the year
› French Language Courses. MIB students do not need to speak French to follow the
program as all core courses and most electives are offered in English. However,
some knowledge of French can be useful to enjoy the full HEC Paris experience :
become professionally bicultural and optimize networking with French students
and alumni. This is why HEC Paris offers optional French language classes free of
charge to all international students.
February 2014
September 2013
3 credits
Job market
Courses and
Skills Seminars

27 credits
Consultancy Project
15 credits
Certificate or Courses
15 credits
While the MIB’s ambition is to offer students the best program in the field of Inter-
national Business, it also aims at being a gateway to the rest of the world so that
students can enhance their international profile. We also expect them to be versatile,
adaptable and to have the ability to succeed in a cross-cultural environment. With
this perspective in mind, students can choose to:
› Spend the whole academic year in HEC’s international environment
› Prepare the CEMS Master’s in International Management joint degree by spen-
ding a semester at one of the partner institutions.
Founded in 1988 by four leading European
Universities, CEMS is a unique strategic
alliance of 27 world-class academic institu-
tions and over 70 world-renowned multi natio-
nal corporate partners. The CEMS Master’s
Degree in International Management (MIM) is the label which guarantees busi-
nesses recruiting a standard of quality shared by the best Business Schools. CEMS
also offers an outstanding level of cultural diversity. 7,000 graduates of 70 nationa-
lities currently occupy positions at various management levels in a broad range of
industry sectors throughout the world (www.cems.org)
›› Fall semester on campus, spring semester abroad
›› The CEMS option must be chosen upon application, submitted at the January
session and candidates must submit an English language test. All students
must have scored at least 600/250/100 at the TOEFL; or IELTS: 7.0, except for
native speakers of English or students who have earned a university degree
fully taught in English
›› Each school in the network has its own educational policy. Make sure you look
up the curricula of the schools you are interested in
›› To be granted the CEMS MIM students must be proficient in 2 foreign languages.
› Join the one year Double Degree Master of Global Management/MSc in Interna-
tional Business with Queen’s School of Business, Ontario, Canada
›› Fall semester on campus, spring semester abroad
›› Business project at Queen’s
›› Master Thesis supervised by an
HEC Professor
June 2014
February 2014
Master Thesis
30 credits
Consultancy Project
15 credits
Certificate or Courses
15 credits
Block Seminar
› Managing Luxury Brands in Global Markets with LVMH.
Finance, Accounting & Economics
› Corporate Finance
› Emerging Market Economies
› Finance in Emerging Countries
› Global Financial Services
› International Financial Management
› Oil, Gas and Power: Trends & Challenges.
› Branding Strategies in Consumer Goods
› Luxury Strategies
› Managing Innovation for Growth.
Strategic Management & Supply Chain
› Business Strategies and Institutions in Europe
› Cross-Cultural Psychology of Business
› Global Strategy
› Globalization and CSR
› Management Buyouts
› Managing Global Complexity
› Managing in Times of Financial Crises: CEO Series
› Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
› Strategy Implementation and Change
› Strategic Mergers & Acquisitions
› Technology Strategy
› Weapons of Influence.
International Risk Management
› Country Risk Management
› Geopolitical Analysis
› Géopolitique et Risques Internationaux (in French).
Skills Seminars
› Innovation in Action: Coty Day
› Easing your Way into Consulting: a Deloitte Seminar
› International Career Management
› Managing in the EU Legislation Context : the Case of a Merger
› Negotiation Techniques in Partnership with Henkel
› The Importance of Self-Awareness & Personal Responsibility in Developing
Leadership Style.
Sponsored by a company, the Certificates are a set of interdisciplinary courses taught
in English corresponding to approximately 100 contact hours as well as business
projects and other types of field work related to a given sector. Each student joins
one certificate and will be awarded an additional HEC certificate if he/she validates
all the requirements.
› Energy & Finance (with Deloitte and Société Générale):
The Energy & Finance Certificate is an exceptional opportunity for participants to
confront the issues in this sector and acquire the knowledge and analytical skills
that will help them make informed decisions, as important contributors to the
current industrial revolution.
› Innovation Management in Aviation & Aerospace (with Safran):
The general objective of the course is to provide participants with a set of skills
and instruments to manage firms in high technology sectors and to understand the
industry dynamics in these sectors. To this end, the course introduces conceptual
frameworks based on cutting-edge research in economics, strategy and technology
› Luxury Strategies (with PPR - Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen,
Balenciaga, Stella McCartney, Sergio Rossi, Boucheron ):
The Luxury Strategies certificate is a business oriented certificate, seeking to
provide future managers with an in-depth understanding of the unique rules for
the effective management of luxury brands and companies.
› Social Business (with Danone, Schneider Electric, Renault and la Direction
Générale de la Cohésion Sociale and private donors):
The aim of the Social Business certificate is to train students in the innovative
business approaches that reduce poverty by offering new economic models for both
developed and developing countries, and investigating new methods of co-creation
and distribution of wealth to reduce poverty.
› Digital Innovation for Business (with Free, Meetic, Pixmania, PriceMinister and
The Certificate provides HEC students with the opportunity to embrace e-business
through an entrepreneurial approach. They will explore the various ways digital
technologies enhance innovation through new business models, e-commerce,
digital communication, collaborative marketing, funding of new ventures, etc.
Located at the heart of the school, the career department aims at providing the best
possible placements and business opportunities to all our students.
The resources available are:
› The Career and Corporate Information Center which provides students with up-to-
date job & internship opportunities
› The Career Services which organize company presentations, seminars, conferences,
round tables, mock interviews with recruiters, meetings with alumni and job/
internship events throughout the year
› Several career fairs which are organized on campus throughout the year:
International Finance Career Fair (October), Legal & Fiscal Career Fair
(October), Consulting Career Fair (November), Alumni Career Fair (January)
and International Career Fair (January - World-renowned companies from all
sectors such as › Air Liquide › Amazon.fr › Barilla › BETC Euro RSCG › Bloomberg
› Bouygues Construction › Bouygues Immobilier › Canal+ › PSA Peugeot Citroën
› Reckitt Benckiser › Renault › Roche › Saint-Gobain › Sanofi › Schneider Electric
› Thales › Total › Ubisoft › Unibail-Rodamco › Unilever › Veolia Environnement ›
White & Case LLP › )
MIB students follow the same program as the students enrolled in the International
Business specialization of the Grande Ecole and benefit from the same exposure and
the same access to our powerful network.
HEC Paris’ Corporate Relations Department carries out annual employment surveys
for each of the HEC degree programs. Among the employed of the class of 2011, the
average annual salary just after graduation is €53,165. Graduates were employed in
a wide variety of sectors with 4% working in France and 96% abroad.
› Amaury Sport
› AT Kearney
› Audi
› A Ventures
› Bain & Co
› Barclays Capital Inc.
› Boston Consulting Group
› Deloitte
› Danone
› Goldman Sachs
› Highbridges & Co
› JP Morgan
› L’Oréal
› McKinsey & Co
› Morgan Stanley
› Oliver Wyman
› Procter & Gamble
› PricewaterhouseCoopers
› Siemens
› Roland Berger
› Rocket Internet
› Wood & Co Investment

› Accenture
› Accor
› Amnesty International
› Axa
› BNP Paribas
› Canal+
› Danone
› Deloitte
› Forest Pictures
› French Lifestyle
› Gaz de France
› Greenwich Consulting
› Groupe SEB
› Henkel
› Holland Bikes
› Imerys Ceramics
› Kurt Salmon Consulting
› La Poste
› Le Printemps
› Les Ateliers Ruby
› L’Oréal
› MFP Michelin
› Nestlé
› Orange /France Telecom
› Parfums Givenchy
› Philips
› Prisma Presse
› Procter & Gamble
› PSA Peugeot Citroën
› Reckitt Benckiser
› Rio Tinto
› Roland Berger Strategy
› Shell
› Siemens
› Smartgrains
› The Boston Consulting
› Thomson Reuters
› TUI Travel

› Carsten Bild,
Associate Consultant, Bain & Company, Germany
› Manuela Ciaramella,
Compliance Manager, Nestlé, Switzerland
› Marc Philipp Clemens,
Founder & CEO, Abbacchus GmbH (Sommelier Privé) , Germany
› Eirini Cheimoniti,
Brand Manager, Procter & Gamble, Greece
› Mukund Chopra,
City CEO, Groupon, USA
› Eskil Gundersen Koffeld,
Investment Banking Analyst, ABG Sundal Collier, Norway
› Hau Man (Kaylen) Lam,
Business Analyst, Target, Canada
› Pierre-Adrian Irlé,
Founder, Graf + Irlé and Jump Cut Production, Switzerland
› Patrick Jaslowitzer,
Associate, McKinsey & Company, Germany
› Georg Knoflach,
Associate, Silver Lake, UK
› Wenyi Lu,
Senior Analyst, Dell Global Procurement Center, China
› Paresh Pandit,
Manager & Co-Founder, KeyLink FMCG Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India
› Ingmar Ritzenhofen,
Senior Associate, McKinsey & Company, Germany
› Lea Röcken,
International Brand Manager, Henkel, Germany
› Martin Rosenzweig,
Debt Capital Markets Analyst, Morgan Stanley, Germany
› Yuliya Salo,
Consultant, Deloitte, USA
› Dario Tato,
Investment Banking Analyst, JP Morgan, UK
› Lea Weinekötter,
Consultant, McKinsey & Company, Germany

Located close to Paris and Versailles, the 300-acre wooded HEC Paris campus
is one of the largest in Europe. The campus is also close to ”La Défense”, one
of the largest European business districts housing the headquarters of many
multinational companies. These companies interact with HEC Paris both as
partners and as potential recruiters.
Community Life
HEC Paris considers community life as one of the cornerstones of its education. It
develops a sense of responsibility, audacity and an enterprising mind. Belonging
to one or more clubs and associations is an absolute must on the campus! It is
the best way to make friends, meet company representatives, share ideals or
hobbies with others, have fun and take part in an activity.
Over the years, HEC Paris students have founded and today manage over
120 clubs and associations (sports, culture, professional activities, humanitarian
aid, public affairs…).
Students plan social events, sports tournaments, concerts and plays; they invite
politicians and business VIPs to speak and debate on current affairs; they help
people in need throughout the world; they welcome foreign students…
International Student Club
HEC IS is a student-run association aimed at bringing French and international
students together through events such as the welcome week, ”Discover France”
weekends and various on-campus activities.
HEC Paris Sports Clubs and Competitions
HEC Paris has excellent indoor and outdoor facilities on campus. These include:
› a multipurpose gymnasium, an indoor mountain climbing wall, a weight
training room and facilities for aerobics, fencing and martial arts
› 8,000 m
of outdoor fields including tennis courts, an athletics track and two
rugby/football pitches.
The Sports Office is managed by a permanent staff of 25 qualified professionals
and coaches who teach the various sports offered. Each sport has its own club,
run by students in collaboration with the Sports Office.
The HEC Paris teams compete with other universities in all sports, such as the
Business School Coupe de France competition and the World Business School
Rugby Tournament and Les Mercuriales.
HEC welcomes applications from candidates of all nationalities younger than
27 years old during the year of their application. They must also:
› Be fluent in English
› Hold a Bachelor’s degree from a non-French institution in Business Administration
or equivalent with a high track record from an international institution
› Possess cross-cultural sensitivity and international outlook
› Show ability to contribute to the HEC MIB experience.
There is no requirement of previous work experience; the average age is 23.
All applications are made online: https://admissions.hec.fr/en.
The following supporting documents must be attached electronically to your
application before the deadline:
› Degree certificate(s) or current enrollment certificate
› All official academic transcripts obtained in a higher education institution,
exchange programs included
› Résumé (CV)
› GMAT or GRE official test score report
› IELTS or TOEFL test score report except for native speakers of English or students
who have earned a university degree fully taught in the English language
› 2 Reference Letters filled out online by your referees. At least one letter should be
from a professor.
› The program requires payment of a non refundable €100 application fee.
Incomplete applications will not be processed.
The selection is a 2 phase process:
› A first selection is made based on evaluation of your application and supporting
› The pre-selected candidates will be then invited for a personal or web-based
The interview takes place 2 to 4 weeks after the application deadline. Final results
are announced 4 to 6 weeks after the application deadline.
Application Deadlines
We hold 4 selection sessions for one intake in September 2013:
› November 4
› January 13
› March 10
› April 14
Annual tuition (2013-2014): €22,500. Tuition is paid in two installments, the first
upon confirmation of enrollment and the second in September 2013.
Remaining costs (approximately €1,000 per month in 2012) include housing and
food, compulsory insurance (health and civil liability), sports and leisure, phone and
IT access…
› The French Ministry of
Foreign and European
Affairs allocates a large
number of grants to
international students.
Use Campus France -
Grants Search Engine
fria/bourse) to learn about
scholarships fitting your
nationality and background
› The main French
Government Eiffel
Scholarship is open
exclusively to November
session candidates, as the
application deadline is fixed
to the beginning of January.
For more information:
› Admitted students may
apply for the HEC Merit
based Scholarship. Special
attention will be given to
applicants from non-EU
› Students may also finance
the cost of their education
with student loans, which
typically carry low interest
rates and can be paid
back following graduation.
However, French banks
generally require a
guarantor living in France
› The internship period is
usually paid and thereby
provides students with extra
financial resources.
HEC Paris
1, rue de la Libération
F 78351 Jouy-en-Josas Cedex
Tel: +33 (0) 1 39 67 70 00
Fax: +33 (0) 1 39 67 94 36
>> www.hec.edu
Tél. : +33 (0) 1 39 67 73 52 / 95 40 / 96 95
Fax : +33 (0) 1 39 67 73 04
E-mail: hecprograms@hec.fr
>> www.hec.edu/MSc
This Brochure is not binding. This program is indicative and may evolve over time. Photograph: Jean-Marc Blais and Carina Ferreira /HEC Paris
Printed by PDI PDI Productions Diffusions, labeled Imprim’Vert on a PEFC certified paper.

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